SL Green Corporate Social Responsibility 2019


quantities into carbon emissions using industry standard emissions factors and global warming potentials published by the GHG Protocol. If any data was not available, estimates were used as needed. The 2018 environmental performance (energy, water, waste, and emissions) of the portfolio has been compared with 2016 and 2017 environmental per- formance. Historical Environmental Performance Summaries can be found at Energy data was collected by pulling ag- gregate utility data from Consolidated Edison that captured all energy used by each property from the utility. In addi- tion, tenant utility data was collected directly from the tenants via direct meters and/or submeters. Scope 1 con- sumption and emissions were calculated by taking the aggregate on-site emis- sions factors (fuel oil, natural gas, and refrigerant) and removing tenant fuel and refrigerant usage found in Scope 3. Scope 2 consumption and emissions were calculated in similar fashion by subtracting the tenant distributed energy (electricity and steam) from the total electricity and steam usage found in aggregate building data. Scope 3 consumption and emissions were calculated by taking the aggre- gate on-site emissions factors (fuel oil, natural gas, and refrigerant) as well as aggregate distributed energy (elec- tricity and steam) and removing base building fuel, refrigerant, electricity, and steam usage. 2018 tenant steam consumption was accounted within Scope 2 steam consumption. Waste amounts were determined by taking the total waste removed from the site and the individual diversion quantities reported from the waste hauler on a monthly basis. The waste diversion was calculated by taking the total diverted amount for the year and dividing by the sum of landfill plus diverted waste for the year. Water data was collected by gathering aggre- gate water data. Refrigerant emissions were calculated by collecting a list of

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equipment within each building and the refrigerant capacity of the system as well as any leaks. If a piece of equipment did not have leaks, a 0.5% leakage rate was assumed to match LEED O+M standard. The square footage of each building was from the reported Gross Square Footage of each building as re- ported in annual Benchmarking Report under Local Law 84. The contact person for this report is Laura Vulaj, Senior Vice President & Director at Sustainability at

This is SL Green’s seventh annual sustainability report, which covers the 2018 calendar year. This report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Framework, which is used to report about an organization’s impacts on the economy, the environment, and society using ESG metrics. This report is “In Accordance—Core” with the GRI Standards framework and includes disclosures from the Construction and Real Estate (CRE) Sector Supplement. The GRI Content Index can be found at SL Green collected available data from all properties listed to the right in which the company maintains direct opera- tional control, including those in New York City and in the greater New York metropolitan area. Data from subsidiar- ies, leased facilities, outsourced opera- tions and other entities are not included in this report. In order to compile a complete and accurate set of data to report on environmental performance, SL Green hired Sustainable Investment Group, a sustainability consulting firm, to collect, analyze, and report on each data metric. Sustainable Investment Group worked with SL Green management and building staff, service providers, and utilities to collect data for energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and waste data. The GHG inventory process was performed in accordance with quan- tification methodologies of the GHG Protocol. Data collection methods are shown below. After all data was col- lected, Sustainable Investment Group converted the energy consumption

REPORTING PROPERTIES → → 360 Hamilton Avenue → → Landmark Square Buildings 1-7 → → 1010 Washington Boulevard → → 100 Summit Lake Drive → → 1055 Washington Boulevard → → 10 East 53rd Street → → 100 Church Street → → 100 Park Avenue → → 11 Madison Avenue → → 110 East 42nd Street → → 110 Greene Street → → 1185 Avenue of the Americas → → 125 Park Avenue → → 1350 Avenue of the Americas → → 1515 Broadway → → 200 Summit Lake Drive → → 500 Summit Lake Drive → → 220 East 42nd Street → → 304 Park Avenue South → → 420 Lexington Avenue → → 461 Fifth Avenue → → 485 Lexington Avenue → → 521 Fifth Avenue → → 555 West 57th Street → → 625 Madison Avenue → → 635 Avenue of the Americas → → 641 Avenue of the Americas

→ → 711 Third Avenue → → 750 Third Avenue → → 810 Seventh Avenue → → 919 Third Avenue

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