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tenets – resilience, operational excel- lence, and value creation – we achieve unprecedented results while maintaining purpose and integrity in everything we do. By focusing on ESG issues, we have effective risk-management practices in place that influence strategic deci- sions at the highest levels. Last year, we integrated our ESG platform throughout all departments of the company and leveraged these initiatives to grow our program. The result was industry-leading performance achieved across top ESG rating frameworks, including Bloomberg, ThomsonReuters, andCDP. These achieve- ments are a testament to SL Green’s commitment to transparent and sound governance. We are committed to differentiating abstract objectives from tangible solu- tions. At SLGreen, wemeasure everything – being able to quantify our portfolio’s environmental impact is essential in under- standing how it correlates with our orga- nizational objectives and in our role as New York City’s largest commercial owner. In 2019, City Council passed the Cli- mate Mobilization Act, which regulates New York City building emissions. New York State followed suit with the passing of the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act, which established the goal of converting the state's energy to re- newable resources. In tandem, these new environmental laws present the most comprehensive framework with the ob- jective of positioning New York as a leader in urban sustainability. With our longstanding focus on opera- tional excellence, we are well positioned to meet the challenges associated with this emerging legislation. SL Green is represented at the highest levels of industry, City, and State organizations responsible for developing the blueprint of New York’s environmental future. This involvement ensures that the City and the State’s environmental goals are bal- anced with technical feasibility and economic rationality. What makes me most proud is the team we have assembled, which maintains

SL Green’s excellence day in and day out. The long-term sustainability of our company is dependent on our people. It is our priority to create a workplace environment that fosters a spirit of innovation and encourages high per- formance. We empower our employees to drive our workplace culture by implementing their valued feedback and recommendations across all levels of the company. We are introducing measurable corporate objectives for human capital aimed at attracting and retaining top talent, and continuously evaluate ways to make ourselves com- petitive in the hiring landscape. Our impact extends beyond our physi- cal footprint because the success of SL Green and New York City go hand in hand. Volunteerism and philanthropy are ingrained in SL Green’s ethos. We are committed to donating to charita- ble causes selected by our employees, with a total of $2 million in donations contributed as an organization annually. As a homegrown company, it is mean- ingful for our people to be able to enrich the lives of thousands of New Yorkers and support causes that are aligned with our values. As Chairman of the Board, I am commit- ted to upholding our reputation as a sustainable, responsible, and ethical organization. I amproud of the progress we have made as a responsible corporate citizen and will continue to be an advocate of sustained ESGmanagement.

SL Green by the Numbers

A Word from Our Chairman and CEO

$1.8 B Combined revenues

21 YRS Listed as a publicly traded company

785.58% Total return to shareholders since IPO

25% Of Manhattan office inventory covered by SL Green’s market penetration

115 M Square feet of ownership and investment of Manhattan commercial real estate historically

96.0% Occupancy rate across same-store Manhattan office properties

Marc Holliday Chairman & CEO

SL Green has sustained its prominent position in New York City real estate by employing a pioneering business strategy supported by core values. We assembled a portfolio that creates long-term value and is responsive to dynamic market conditions. The transformative evolution of SL Green since our initial public offer- ing two decades ago has been momen- tous, as every aspect of the company has grown in sophistication, efficiency, and adaptability. Corporate Social Responsi- bility is no exception, and the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are integral to our success. The growing importance of socially responsible investing means that ESG performance is inextricably linked with financial performance. At SL Green, the imperative to deliver value to share- holders has always been at the forefront of how we conduct our business. And because of our commitment to our core

306 Corporate employees

729 Building personnel

45 M SL Green holds interests in 93 buildings across 45 million square feet

Marc Holliday Chairman & CEO

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