/ Group Swim Descriptions/Policies

Parent- Tot (Ages 6m-4)

The session is for an adult and child to explore and get familiar with water. Parents or chaperones will be present in the pool to encourage their child to blow bubbles,and make arm and leg movements comfortably in the water.

Level 1 (Ages4-7)

Swimmers will learn to head bob, assisted front and back floats, and arm/kicking movements.

Level 2 (Ages4-7)

Individuals will learn how to do an unassisted front and back float, front and back glides, front crawl movements, and fully submerging in water.

Level 3 (Ages 5-8)

Participants will learn the front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, and introduction to sidestroke and breaststroke.

Level4 (Ages8-12)

Swimmers will complete the sidestroke, breaststroke, introduction to dolphin kicks, rotary breathing, and butterfly stroke.

Level 5 (Ages8-14) This class focuses on mastering the breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly stroke, and different types of dives. For questions, email Collin Dulaney at, 224-636-2791 REGISTRATION DEADLINE : Thursday at 5pm online prior to the start of a new session. Please register for the age appropriate session. If your child is more advanced then the age level, register for the appropriate age group class and request a swim test by emailing Collin Dulaney at

GROUP SWIM SESSION DAYS: Monday-Thursday, two week sessions.

MAKEUPS: In the event Pool Management cancels a class, the makeup class is held the Friday of that week. If there is a second makeup, the following Friday of the session will be used. Makeups are at regular class times. Due to the short sessions, we do not accomodate for classes missed by the student.

CANCELLATION NOTICES: An email will be sent at least 30 minutes prior to a class. Unfortunately, due to the change in weather, cancellations may not happen until the start of the class.

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