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Operating Instructions



This outdoor fire pit should be cleaned on a regular basis to promote safer experiences and longer product life. Note: After repeated use, a slight discoloration of the finish may occur. Do NOT attempt to clean this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out. Do NOT use oven cleaner or abrasive cleaners as they will damage this product. Do NOT clean any part of this outdoor fire pit in a self cleaning oven as it may damage the finish.

Before using this outdoor fire pit, make sure you have read, understand and are following all information provided in the important safeguards presented on page 1. Failure to follow those instructions can cause death, serious injury or property damage.


1. Make sure there is only a small amount of ash in the bottom of the bowl. 2. Place a layer of dry kindling or a natural firestarter onto the center of the grate.

1. Wipe exterior surfaces with a mild dishwashing detergent or baking soda.

3. Place above that a layer of dry seasoned hardwood that is cut to lengths no more than 3/4 the diameter of the bowl.

2. For stubborn surfaces use a citrus based degreaser and a nylon scrubbing brush.

3. Rinse clean with water.

4. Use a match to light kindling or firestarter.

5. Replace spark arrestor by using the fire tool once the kindling or firestarter is lit.

4. Remove built-up creosote from components with a chimney cleaning product.

Tending the Fire


You may need to shift and/or add logs for an ideal experience.

Do NOT move or store this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out.

Reminders: * Always wear protective gloves or a pot holder when tending fire. * Wait until glowing coals have developed before adding any additional wood. * Do NOT add gasoline,kerosene, diesel fuel, Lighter fluid or alcohol to relight or enhance an existing fire.

1. Once the fire is out, coals are cold and outdoor fire pit is cool to the touch, remove ashes and properly dispose.

3. Store assembled in a location away from children and pets.

Note: If you do not use a cover, store this outdoor fire pit in a dry location to maximize product life.

1. Carefully remove spark arrestor by using the fire tool.

2. While using a long handled fireplace tool, shift coals and logs to allow additional airflow.

3. If additional wood is required, place wood on top coals. Be careful not to shift ashes.

4. Replace spark arrestor by using the fire tool.


1. Allow fire to burn itself out.

2. Do NOT use water to extinguish as this is dangerous and can cause damage to this outdoor fire pit.

Care and Inspecting

Manufactured and Distributed By: Four Seasons Outdoor Product, Inc. Tel: +1 888-531-1113 www. fourseasonsoutdoorproduct .com

This outdoor fire pit should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure product safety and longer product life.

Do NOT attempt to inspect this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out.

1. Check handles to make sure they are secure.

2. Check components for any signs of damage or rust.

3. If damage to any component is detected, do NOT operate until repairs are executed.

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