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Exercise for 2?


Fall in Love With Fitness Through Dance

arrange for partners to cycle through, so everyone has the opportunity to practice. Of course, ballroom dance isn’t your only option for a fun workout. If relying on a partner isn’t your style, there are plenty of other dance genres you can groove to. Consider trying K-pop (Korean pop music), Zumba, hip-hop, ballet, tap, and even belly dancing, if you’re feeling adventurous. Dance is a form of exercise you can look forward to week after week. Even if you have two left feet, remember that dancing is an acquired skill. With a willingness to learn, over time, you could dance circles around Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Get your groove on today and search for dance studios in your area. Look for lessons at your local community center, or find instructional videos online and bust a move right in your living room. When it comes to dance, if you’re having fun and moving, you’re doing it right.

from the University of Brighton in England found that dance can burn 600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the dance, which is as much as running for an hour! In addition to toning your muscles, dancing also improves balance and coordination. Your brain is engaged as you memorize the steps and spins, a health perk you miss when you’re on the treadmill or lifting weights. Don’t have a partner willing to join you on the dance floor? No problem! Many dance classes anticipate having solo students and

When you get ready to exercise, the last thing you probably think to wear is a bow tie or evening dress. If that’s the case, then it’s time to broaden your approach to fitness and step out onto the dance floor. The wide world of dance might offer exercise that you and your partner will really enjoy! Whether you enjoy a romantic waltz, an intimate salsa, or a fun swing, dance promises a full-body workout. Your legs, glutes, back, core, and even arms are engaged when you feel the music. A study

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