ORACLE February 2019 Working Copy


As I write this, we have experienced many rainy days, colder temperatures and even a heavy fog ( a first for me in my 5 years in the desert)! Many of you

We are half-way through our busy season now and the Board, as well as all fourteen advisory committees are in full swing and working hard to accomplish the work at hand. CFO J IM W ALLER reports that Management/Accounting and the Finance Committee are in the process of developing the 2019-2020 Budget. Proposed recommendations for future capital spending, as developed by the Facilities Planning Committee, are under review and will impact the level of capital spending to be included in the budget. We can expect an increase in HOA fees to address the rising cost of doing business and also due to the new “minimum wage” law in the State of California which will increase wages by $1.00/hour each year beginning January of 2019, eventually reaching $15/hour by the year 2022. A proposed draft preliminary budget will be completed soon. Owners interested in this process are encouraged to attend meetings this month of the Facilities Planning Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Board, as well as a special meeting of the Board and the Finance Committee scheduled for Wednesday, Feb 27, at 2PM in LP Auditorium to review the preliminary budget. (See the Meeting Calendar on page 6 for meeting dates and times.) The Board continues to respond to our owners by addressing owner concerns and management recommendations to streamline our processes and improve customer service and other issues. This month we will consider amendments to our Rules & Regulations for all three sports to ensure policy consistency between the sports. We will also consider establishing rules relating to political signs within the Resort. Become involved in the governance of your Association. Be informed by attending meetings of your Board and its Advisory Committees. C RAIG W IRCH , Board President

attempting to escape cold and wet climates are probably wondering what the heck is going on! Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather but I would guess these types of days won’t last too long. One thing we can control is how we provide service to our owners here at ORPS. There has been a renewed emphasis from management to staff that customer service is job #1. That is not to say that customer service was neglected in the past, but rather to highlight that we know there is always room for improvement. For example, the objective set for all staff is to return all calls and emails within 24 hours of receipt. We may not always have the answer on the return correspondence, as many items require investigation or research, but a reply is to be made to the inquiry to at least let the member know that staff is working on their request. Often times, staff will reply within the same business day but obviously if a message is left 5 minutes at the close of the work day it is unrealistic to set an expectation of a same day response, hence the 24 hours. I realize we may sometime miss opportunities to provide the expected service to our members but hopefully they are few and far between. Members who have identified areas where we may have a continual shortcoming, or have identified a potential challenge, please notify the management staff member of that department or feel free to contact me. As many of you know, staff strives to provide the best service possible and to be courteous and friendly. This will continue to be emphasized. Of course, staff members love it when this is reciprocated by our members as we are all part of the ORPS family!


The Finance Committee is currently researching ORPS budget trends and information sources preparatory to the upcoming review and approval of

The Dog Owners and Friends Committee is off and running with officers in place. B RENDA K ING , Lot 1114 will serve as Chair, with S TEPHANIE W HITE , Lot 323 as Vice Chair, and J UDY V AREY , Lot 893 as Secretary. The Committee is exploring ways to make ORPS a more pet friendly resort. Meetings of the Committee are open to all ORPS owners. If interested, plan to attend the next meeting scheduled for

the budget for 2019 - 2020. A new Reserves report is due in late January and then the progress toward 70% funding will be assessed and considered as the upcoming budget moves toward approval. Documentation of new initiatives this year is being gathered for review. G AIL P OLLOCK , Chair

2PM - Feb 4 - East Room at La Palma All owners are welcome to attend the Committee meetings.


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