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25 YEARS OF PROVIDING SERIOUS EXPERIENCE Happy Birthday to The Law Offices of Paul Levin Buildings” was born. Growing law offices started when Paul purchased a building on 40 Russ Street, directly behind the Connecticut Supreme Court and next to Hartford Superior Court. That led to the purchase of 36 Russ Street, and now, our newest building on Oak Street.

T his year, we’ll be celebrating a milestone that few businesses are able to reach. We are fortunate enough to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Recently, a statistic was released that showed 50 percent of small businesses fail within five years, and almost all will be out of business within 10 years. Making it to 25 years is a testament to the quality of people we’ve worked with as well as the wonderful clients who have trusted us with their cases.

The Law Buildings LLC are places of work for attorneys and other professionals who are associated with legal practices. When we say we

have a network to plug into, it’s not because we heard about or know people who can help. We spend every day in the same office space with a variety of attorneys who work in many varied disciplines, as well as court reporters, private investigators, and bail bondsmen. Our network isn’t just digital and social-media driven. It’s tangible. It’s real.

When we look back on the story of how we came to be, it’s apparent that values and hard work are essential to a good business. Paul started off as an associate in a Hartford law firm out of law school, and it was a defining experience for him. While he appreciated the culture at the firm, he found the pace and high expectations could force him to turn away from certain things in life. Paul wanted to grow his family and be accessible to his


This atmosphere allows us to bring in an array of talent and resources to our practice.

children. He wanted the freedom and flexibility to pursue cases he was passionate about. He realized the only way to truly do this was to build it himself. Paul opened his first office, The Law Offices of Paul Levin, on Asylum Street in Hartford, where he encountered a variety of challenging cases. He found his strength in managing cases, positioning them for settlement, and trying them to verdict. He developed fierce litigation skills and excelled at advocating for his clients. During this time, he narrowed the scope of the firm and established practice parameters so that he could do the most good. The office moved to Pearl Street, and shortly after that, it was moved to City Place. It was clear that in order to find the right place for Paul’s vision, we would need to do exactly what he did when establishing his own firm: create our own. This is how a concept we call “The Law

We have seasoned attorneys who have been at it for over 35 years, and we also mentor younger talent. We all share the same paradigm of moral rightness. Paul built The Law Buildings LLC on the precedence of continuing to help the clients of the practice with all possible legal matters. Five years ago, this idea was shared by the firm of Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren. Thus, a merger ensued, and it’s what brought attorney Kelly Kasheta and her 35-year-old personal injury practice to join Paul. Now, we both continue to fight for our injured clients, provide exemplary legal services, and serve the people of Connecticut in the best possible way. –Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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In this digital age, having a family board-game night every few weeks is a novelty. Putting away the electronics and having fun face-to-face with your kids is reason enough to make this a family tradition. But did you know that board games can also teach your kids valuable life skills? Here’s the best way to facilitate this learning as a parent. Find the Right Game for the Right Age USE BOARD GAMES AS A TEACHING TOOL Get More out of Game Night It’s important to find games that fit your children’s abilities. Complex rules, small pieces, or mature content can make some games inappropriate for young kids. The first thing you should do is check the recommended age range on the packaging. This will help you find the best match for your kids. Consult the Rules Whether you’re new to a game or an old pro, it’s worth spending some time going over how the game is played. Not only will this help you teach your kids how to play a new game, but these rules also provide valuable insight into the skills the game teaches. Even games While we passionately pursue cases that make a difference in the community, we recognize that not every dispute out there is life altering. It doesn’t make our job any less important, but in some cases, it sure makes it a whole lot more interesting. These three cases are perfect examples of when personal injury suits meet pure hilarity. NOTE: None of these were our cases!! BEER CAN’T DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS A man sued Anheuser-Busch for $10,000 in 1991 after claiming they caused him severe emotional distress and depression. Why? Well, after watching Budweiser commercials in which bikini-clad women appeared shortly after opening a fresh brew, the client expected beautiful women to turn up in his living room when he did the same. When this didn’t happen, he decided one of America’s largest breweries was to blame. The case was thrown out. It turns out that drinking beer doesn’t make women materialize out of thin air. Who knew? WITCH! If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, you’ve seen plenty of sorcery on the silver screen and in books, but it usually stops there. However, in 2008, one man decided major corporations were practicing witchcraft. The plaintiff sued huge companies like Walmart and Microsoft for practicing

of pure chance, like Chutes and Ladders, can teach young kids motor skills, a sense of fair play, and what good sportsmanship looks like for both winning and losing. Does the game have rules for trading among players, like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan? These sorts of games are a great way to teach social skills. Does it offer multiple paths to victory, like Chess or Tokido? These games teach strategy and critical reasoning. Games like Pandemic require players to work together, teaching valuable teamwork and leadership skills. Teach by Example While gameplay itself can be a great teacher, being a role model for your children during game night is the most important thing you can bring to the table. No matter their age, showing your kids how to lose gracefully, win magnanimously, and have fun no matter what are skills they will carry with them the rest of their lives.


Some Cases Were Never Meant to Be Filed

magic and mind control in order to boost their bottom line. How effective was this new revenue booster? His suit sought $2 billion. The case was quickly thrown out, but conspiracy theorists suggest Hogwarts was behind it. SPOILERS It’s one thing to spoil a surprise; it’s another to have a surprise spoil you. In 2007, a man sued a flower company after they sent a thank-

you card to his residence for his recent purchase. The only issue was that the flower delivery that

prompted the card wasn’t for the man’s wife — it was for his mistress! After being caught in the act, the plaintiff decided he was not to blame for the

subsequent action of his wife leaving him, so he

filed a suit for $1.5 million. Whoever said love don’t cost a thing?

Attorneys Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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BEHIND THE SCENES OF OUR NEW BOOK ‘Life Altering Personal Injury Cases in Connecticut’

After 60-plus years of combined experience and resolving cases in every way imaginable, we decided we had amassed information that everyone needed to know. There was an opportunity for us to relay valuable information that can truly help people. That was our driving force behind publishing our first book, “Life Altering Personal Injury Cases in Connecticut: Your Legal Road Map.” What we really wanted from this book was to provide a road map for people who find themselves in situations

on the complexities of a personal injury claim can push things over the edge. In many instances, these cases involve life altering injuries, time off work, financial insecurity, and potentially even the tragic death of a loved one. These waters should not be navigated on your own, and that’s why we wrote this book. Writing a book is a complicated endeavor. No matter how much great information you have, you have to format and organize it all so it flows. When you’re passionate about it, it can also be difficult to let go and not tell every story or every bit of minutiae that you think might make a difference. You have to know what to put in and what to cut. It can be challenging, but when it’s all said and done, it’s a very rewarding process. If you’re interested in a copy of our book, visit the download link or get in touch with us. Maybe you need it, or maybe you think a family member or friend could benefit. Whatever the case, we’re happy to provide it.

where they need a personal injury lawyer. It can be a challenge going through a process like this for the first time, and the whole experience can be overwhelming. Life is busy and full of complications, and adding


Ranch Potatoes



Jack and Kelly are a certified therapy dog and handler team with Healers With Halos Therapy Dogs. Jack is a 5-year-old rescue collie adopted from Collie Rescue of the Carolinas. He is certified by the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program and attained his CGC title from the American Kennel Club. Jack works many venues, bringing comfort and happiness to the young and old.

Ingredients • 2 pounds baby • 1/4 tbsp extra- virgin olive oil • Juice of 1/2 lemon • 1/2 packet ranch seasoning • Ranch dressing for drizzling potatoes, halved

• 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives • Bacon bits (optional) • Salt and pepper to taste


1. Heat grill to medium. In a large pan, toss potatoes with olive oil, lemon juice, and ranch seasoning. Season generously with salt and pepper. 2. Skewer potatoes. (If using wood skewers, be sure to soak in water an hour before grilling.) Grill until tender and lightly charred, about 15 minutes. 3. Drizzle with ranch and garnish with chives and bacon bits.


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Attorneys Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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What Board Games Can Teach Your Kids

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Grilled Ranch Potatoes

3 of the Most Formidable Moms in History


A Newsletter for Clients and Friends from Attorneys Paul Levin and Kelly Kasheta

Moms make the world go round. After running the gauntlet of childbirth, they raise and guide us throughout our lives, shouldering the tremendous burden and responsibility of motherhood. Mothers are in turn formidable, kind, powerful, gentle, wise, fierce, patient, supportive, empathetic, driven, and full of love. In honor of Mother’s Day, here are three historic moms who never stopped fighting for what they believed in. 3 OF HISTORY’S BRAVEST MOMS Mothers Shape the World Before she escaped from New York slaveholder John Dumont, Sojourner Truth had at least three of her children sold away from her. When Dumont went back on his promise to emancipate Truth and her infant daughter in 1826, she took the girl and fled to an abolitionist Quaker family, but she was forced to leave her other daughter and her 5-year-old son, Peter, behind. Soon after, she learned that Peter had been illegally sold by Dumont to a slaveholder in Alabama, so she went to court and secured his safe return. It was the first successful case brought by a black woman against a white man in American history. Truth went on to become a prominent abolitionist and a speaker for women’s rights, delivering her famous impromptu speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?” in May of 1851. Sojourner Truth (1797–1883)

Sojourner Truth

Emmeline Pankhurst

Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler (1910–2008)

When the Nazis invaded Warsaw in September of 1939, Irena Sendler, a 29-year-old social worker and mother of two, hatched a scheme to rescue Jewish children from the brutal ghettos. Along with many friends and colleagues, she smuggled out nearly 2,500 Jewish orphans, hiding infants on trams and garbage wagons and guiding kids through a labyrinth of secret passageways beneath the city.

Emmeline Pankhurst (1858–1928)

Despite being a wife and the mother of five children — two of whom died tragically young — Emmeline Pankhurst became one of the fiercest advocates for women’s suffrage in the late 19th century. After founding the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903, she and her cohorts adopted an aggressive strategy to raise awareness for the issue; they began by buttonholing politicians and staging rallies, then progressed to vandalism, window smashing, and arson. She was instrumental in the movement. Pankhurst lived to see women gain the right to vote in 1928.

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