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25 YEARS OF PROVIDING SERIOUS EXPERIENCE Happy Birthday to The Law Offices of Paul Levin Buildings” was born. Growing law offices started when Paul purchased a building on 40 Russ Street, directly behind the Connecticut Supreme Court and next to Hartford Superior Court. That led to the purchase of 36 Russ Street, and now, our newest building on Oak Street.

T his year, we’ll be celebrating a milestone that few businesses are able to reach. We are fortunate enough to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Recently, a statistic was released that showed 50 percent of small businesses fail within five years, and almost all will be out of business within 10 years. Making it to 25 years is a testament to the quality of people we’ve worked with as well as the wonderful clients who have trusted us with their cases.

The Law Buildings LLC are places of work for attorneys and other professionals who are associated with legal practices. When we say we

have a network to plug into, it’s not because we heard about or know people who can help. We spend every day in the same office space with a variety of attorneys who work in many varied disciplines, as well as court reporters, private investigators, and bail bondsmen. Our network isn’t just digital and social-media driven. It’s tangible. It’s real.

When we look back on the story of how we came to be, it’s apparent that values and hard work are essential to a good business. Paul started off as an associate in a Hartford law firm out of law school, and it was a defining experience for him. While he appreciated the culture at the firm, he found the pace and high expectations could force him to turn away from certain things in life. Paul wanted to grow his family and be accessible to his


This atmosphere allows us to bring in an array of talent and resources to our practice.

children. He wanted the freedom and flexibility to pursue cases he was passionate about. He realized the only way to truly do this was to build it himself. Paul opened his first office, The Law Offices of Paul Levin, on Asylum Street in Hartford, where he encountered a variety of challenging cases. He found his strength in managing cases, positioning them for settlement, and trying them to verdict. He developed fierce litigation skills and excelled at advocating for his clients. During this time, he narrowed the scope of the firm and established practice parameters so that he could do the most good. The office moved to Pearl Street, and shortly after that, it was moved to City Place. It was clear that in order to find the right place for Paul’s vision, we would need to do exactly what he did when establishing his own firm: create our own. This is how a concept we call “The Law

We have seasoned attorneys who have been at it for over 35 years, and we also mentor younger talent. We all share the same paradigm of moral rightness. Paul built The Law Buildings LLC on the precedence of continuing to help the clients of the practice with all possible legal matters. Five years ago, this idea was shared by the firm of Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren. Thus, a merger ensued, and it’s what brought attorney Kelly Kasheta and her 35-year-old personal injury practice to join Paul. Now, we both continue to fight for our injured clients, provide exemplary legal services, and serve the people of Connecticut in the best possible way. –Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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