Previstar Case Study: West Bengal


The department now has visibility to all their plans, re- sources, and critical facilities and they have one common operating picture through the Integrated Geographic Infor- mation System (GIS) module. During an incident, they can activate these plans to get resource needs, track evacua- tion, mass care, search and rescue etc. The department will also have the ability to deploy the resources based on closest location and track total cost for the incident. CPS provides the customer with a solution which guides them through the process that is best and proven to manage any disaster from beginning to end. West Bengal Disaster Management Department is better equipped today to handle disasters. The records of previo- us disasters are archived in the system, so that probable consequences can be investigated thoroughly and there is better preparation for the next cycle.

By quickly knowing what resources will be needed and where, the agencies are now able to dispatch resources in a matter of minutes, which enables faster evacuation, search and rescue, resulting in lesser impact on life and property. Previstar’s Continual Preparedness System has enabled the Disaster Management Department of West Bengal to realise their vision of creating a comprehensive incident management platform that puts their plans into action, tracks activities and brings multiple agencies on one col- laborative platform. This in turn yields results in terms of effective disaster management and higher safety for the millions of people living in this region.




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