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Twin-Path ® Slings have been an important rigging solution for heavy lifting applications across a number of industries for over 20 years. And now under licence with Slingmax ® , our Twin-Path ® Slings are manufactured to order in Australia, supplied within short lead times.

Not only do the slings have the precision, strength and flexibility to successfully perform lifts from 5 tonnes

to an incredible 600 tonnes – they are a fraction of the weight of wire rope slings.

The lightweight nature of the slings, coupled with several important safety features ensures lifts are performed quicker, safer and much easier than traditional wire slings.

Twin Path ® Slings have been used around the world since 1987.

K-Spec ® Core Fibre Technology

Unlike other fibre slings, Twin-Path ® Slings are constructed from a unique proprietary blend of K-Spec ® high-performance fibres, which will not stretch under load – enabling the accurate planning of a heavy lift. Less time and manpower is spent on rigging for most construction and maintenance schedules and a range of engineered protective pads and covers protect the slings from wear and tear.

Twin Path ® Slings contain K-Spec ® high performance, no stretch fibres.

CornerMax ® Sleeves provide cut protection for a variety of edges.

The unique slings are capable of safely lifting up to 600 tonnes.

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Handling Features

Cost Efficiencies

Wear Resistant Covermax ® Outer Cover: The fabric is four times more abrasion resistant than common nylon or polyester, increasing the sling life. Repairable: Twin-Path ® Slings can be repaired by the manufacturer if the internal core fibres are not already cut or damaged. All slings are re-tested after repairs are completed. Reduced Rigging Times: Rigging can be reduced by as much as 80% with less exposure to possible accidents. Low Maintenance: Twin-Path ® Slings do not require lubrication or annealing like wire rope.

Weight Advantage: 80% lighter than wire rope and chain slings and 50% lighter than polyester slings. Control of Slings: Rigging becomes quick and more manageable due to the low weight. Storage retrieval and salvage: Easily rolled up and shelved after use. Transportable and can easily be tossed in the back of a car or van. Marine Applications: The slings do not absorb moisture and are naturally buoyant, making them ideal for all off- shore and salvage work.

Safety Features

Twin-Path ® Sling Design: Constructed using two independent paths each capable of carrying the rated working load limit.

Low Stretch: Less than 1% elongation at working load limit.

Chemical Environments: Can be safely used in chemical environments.

Twin Path ® Slings are 80% lighter than wire rope slings.

Check-Fast ® Early Warning Indicator (EWI): The Check-Fast ® system provides for a pass/fail inspection of the internal load bearing core yarn. Optic Fibres: The optional optic fibre system can alert you to heat exposure, cutting and chemical damage of the core fibre, simply by shining a flashlight into one end of the optic fibre.

The slings are ideal for marine applications.

Twin Path ® Slings can be cost effectively repaired, if the core fibres are not already cut or damaged.

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Two Independent Cores

Check-Fast ® Inspection

Twin-Path ® provides unique, patented backup protection. There are actually two independent cores of K-Spec ® fibre in the one sling. If a single path is damaged in use, the second path will perform as a backup and maintain control until the load is lowered. The Twin-Path ® helps reduce the potential for catastrophic material mishandling. Another early warning system is built into Twin-Path ® slings through the use of two independent, colour-coded covers. If the outer cover is cut, the patented red inner cover is instantly visible, providing a visual alert to remove the sling from service. As long as the inner core yarns are not damaged, Twin-Path ® slings can be repaired with bulked nylon patches, proof tested and re-certified.

The Check-Fast ® system provides for a pass/fail inspection of the internal load bearing core yarn. Damage to the core yarn from fibre on fibre abrasion, fatigue, and severe overload can be detected. If the sling is mistakenly loaded beyond rated capacity, the early warning indicator (EWI), which is the internal load bearing core yarn, will disappear before the sling fails.

If the early warning indicators (EWI) is missing, the sling may be unfit for use.

Rifled Cover ® Technology

Twin-Path ® Slings consist of two independent cores.

A major breakthrough for improved break strength is the spinning or helical winding of the core yarn within Twin-Path ® Slings. This process increases the slings breaking strength by 18% without the need for any additional core yarn.

Superior Patented Design Features

Optional Fibre Optic Cable

Armor Wear Pads resist abrasion to prevent sling damage.

Covermax ® outer cover, is 4 times more abrasion resistant than polyester outer cover.

Safety Red inner sleeve

acts as an early warning device when the outer sleeve is cut or worn.

The simple fibre optic test indicates whether a sling has sustained heat or chemical damage.

The optional fibre optic cable provides another simple and effective method of inspection. A light shone through one end of the fibre optic cable will travel throughout the body of the sling and reflect out the other end. A light that does not pass through the sling may indicate heat or chemical damage.

Armor Wear Pads are removable or sewn directly over sling.

Optional optic fibre allows for an internal integrity check of the core yarn.

K-Spec ® high performance fibres have less than 1% elongation at rated capacity.

Twin-Path ® design, contains 2 individual paths of core yarn.

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CornerMax ® Pads and Sleeves

Most synthetic sling accidents are caused by cutting. There are many kinds of protective sleeves and pads available, but only two synthetic protectors provide adequate cut protection: CornerMax® Pads and CornerMax® Sleeves have been engineered and tested to provide 4464 kg of protection per centimetre of sling width.

CornerMax® pads are designed for 90° straight edges, whereas CornerMax® sleeves are for other edges.

CornerMax® Pads create a “tunnel” of cut protection – a no-touch zone. Therefore, the edge does not come in contact with the pad or sling. Note that the sides of the pads must be completely supported in order to create and maintain the “tunnel”.

Sling Protection

The chart below shows the results of testing slings protected by 12 different synthetic materials that are often used for sling protection. In our tests, ten of the most commonly used materials do not allow a sling to reach its working load before the sling is cut and fails. The CornerMax® pad and sleeve allow the synthetic sling to meet its working load with no damage to the sling or the protection. CornerMax® sleeves may look like traditional protection sleeves, but are made of a high tech fibre that is specially woven to provide cut protection for a variety of edges and surfaces.

CornerMax® sleeves are made of a high tech fibre that is specially woven to provide cut protection for a variety of edges and surfaces.

Other Forms of Sling Protection

For synthetic slings, the most critical decision is whether cut protection is needed. In some circumstances no cut protection, or simplified softeners only, are required. At Beaver Brands we have a full line of engineered softeners that are excellent for abrasion protection or for protecting a load surface.

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Product Code

Vertical WLL (kg) Choker WLL (kg) Basket WLL (kg)

60 Deg WLL Tube Width (mm)

Weight Per Metre (kg)


5000 6000 8000

4000 4800 6400 8000 9600

10000 12000 16000 20000 24000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 80000 90000 100000 110000 120000 130000 140000 150000 160000 170000 180000 190000 200000 210000 220000 230000 240000 250000 260000 270000 280000 290000 300000 310000 320000 330000 340000 350000 360000 370000 380000 390000 400000


75 75 75

0.57 0.58 0.91 1.14 1.36 1.70 2.27 2.84 3.41 3.98 4.55 5.11 5.68 6.25 6.82 7.39 7.96 8.52 9.09 9.66

10200 13600 17000 20400 25500 34000 42500 51000 59500 68000 76500 85000 93500 102000 110500 119000 127500 136000 144500 153000 161500 170000 178500 187000 195500 204000 212500 221000 229500 238000 246500 255000 263500 272000 280500 289000 297500 306000 314500 323000 331500 340000

10000 12000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000 50000 55000 60000 65000 70000 75000 80000 85000 90000 95000 100000 105000 110000 115000 120000 125000 130000 135000 140000 145000 150000 155000 160000 165000 170000 175000 180000 185000 190000 195000 200000

100 125 125 125 150 150 200 200 200 200 250 250 250 300 300 300 300 300 300 300

12000 16000 20000 24000 28000 32000 36000 40000 44000 48000 52000 56000 60000 64000 68000 72000 76000 80000 84000 88000 92000 96000 100000 104000 108000 112000 116000 120000 124000 128000 132000 136000 140000 144000 148000 152000 156000 160000

10.23 10.80 11.37 11.93 12.50 13.07 13.64 14.21 14.77 15.34 15.91 24.72 25.27 26.42 27.28 28.13 28.98 29.83 30.69 31.54 32.39 33.24 34.10

250 & 100 250 & 100 250 & 100 250 & 100 250 & 100 250 & 100 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 150 250 & 200 250 & 200 250 & 200 250 & 200 250 & 200

Note: To obtain the MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) for towing, multiply the WLL by 5. Example TPXC5 = WLL 5000kg x 5 = 25,000kg.

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Equaliser Block

The Equalizer Block is used to maintain tension on all legs of the sling during a lift. Rather than adjusting slings and hooks prior to completing a lift, the Equalizer Block will automatically adjust itself when pressure is put on the device from the sling. This was designed specifically for Twin-Path ® slings.

Part No. 1 Capacity (5:1 DF)

Inside Width (mm)

Suggested Sling for 90° Basket

Block Weight (kg)

SEB10 10 US ton

70mm TPXCF1000 20kg

SEB25 25 US ton

100mm TPXCF2500 36kg

SEB50 50 US ton

150mm TPXCF5000 100kg

SEB75 75 US ton

150mm TPXCF7500 122kg

SEB125M 125 metric ton 200mm TPXCF15000 290kg

The equaliser block automatically adjusts itself when under pressure.

G-Link Connectors

G-Link Connectors are used to lengthen or shorten a Twin-Path ® Sling to it’s desired length. This enables the sling to be used for a number of different applications.

Two G-Link Connectors are used to lengthen or shorten a sling.

Twin-Path ® Adjustable Bridles

Twin-Path ® Adjustable Bridles are a very useful rigging tool. They replace standard two or four leg bridles, with the additional value of self-adjustment to awkward loads. One leg has twice the capacity of the other leg. As tension is applied, Twin-Path ® Adjustable Bridles self-adjust over the centre of gravity to find the lifting point for level, load handling.

Twin-Path ® adjustable bridles self adjust over the centre of gravity.

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Check Australian Standard AS4497 and AS1353 for use and inspection guidelines

Do not allow abrasive or other damaging grit to penetrate the fibres Consult with manufacturer’s recommendations before immersing a sling in a chemical solution

Never overload the equipment

Do not use if ID tag is removed

Keep away from strong alkalis and phenolic compounds

Inspect sling for damage prior to use

Do not use sling if there is any sign of cut webbing, snagging, heat or chemical damage, excessive wear, damaged seams, any other defect or presence of grit, abrasive materials or other deleterious matter

When not in use, synthetic slings should be stored in a clean dry place. Heat sources and non-ventilated places should be avoided Chemically active environments can affect the strength of synthetic lifting slings. Different chemicals will react with different exposure to Covermax ® bulked nylon polyester, aramids and Olefins.

Do not tie knots in sling webbing

Protect sling webbing from sharp edges of load. Use protective sleeves

Do not expose slings to temperatures above 90°C

10 Beaver Brands | Twin-Path ® Slings


Smooth folds & wrinkles out of covers before placing on bearing points. 1

Squeeze both paths together to fit sling into fitting. 2

When rigging a vertical hitch with a long sling don't pull the slack side out with the crane

Equalise the slack side by hand

Adjust slack out by hand. 3

Equalise the slack side by hand. 4

Do not place the identification tag on the bearing point

Identification should be placed 18"-24" away from the bearing point and facing away from the load

Sling paths should be smooth in the choker hitch without any twisting. 5

Place sling identification 45 - 60cm away from bearing point & facing away from load. 6

When placing multiple Twin-Path ® slings in hardware place the slings directly on top of each other or side by side

Place slings directly on top or side by side of each other.

8 Use sling protection over the pin to protect the sling from cutting on the edges of the shackle's holes.


Twin-Path ® Slings | Beaver Brands


Manufactured and repaired under license by

A business unit of Bunzl Brands and Operations Pty Ltd.

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