PRODUCT BONUS 产品红利 尊荣迎宾礼计划 P R O G R A M

The Product Bonus Program is opened to all New Melaleuca Preferred Customers who enrolled between Apr 1st 2014 to Dec 31st 2017. New Preferred Customers will be rewarded with FREE products after they fulfill their monthly product point commitment in Month 2, 4 and 6 of enrollment. 此产品红利计划是公开给所有推荐于2014年4月1日至2017年12月31日的美乐家优惠顾客。每位 在第2,第4和第6个月符合产品消费点数的新优惠顾客将会获赠免费产品。

The FREE products 免费产品:

Month 2 第2个月

Month 4 第4个月

Month 6 第6个月

SKU 3650 T36-C5™ Melaleuca Oil - 15mL T36-C5™ 茶树精油 - 15mL

SKU 3600 Renew™ Intensive Skin Therapy - 237mL 活肤乳液 - 237mL

SKU 8589 FiberWise ® Drink Citrus Orange 活力宝纤饮品(鲜橙)

Eligibility for the FREE products: 免费产品的合格月份:

Month of enrollment 被推荐的月份

Eligibility for Month 2 free gift 获赠第2月免费产品

Eligibility for Month 4 free gift 获赠第4月免费产品

Eligibility for Month 6 free gift 获赠第6月免费产品

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Hidden Garden Peach Flavor Oolong Tea


*Only for enrollments in May and Jun 2017, the Free Gift for Month 2 will be SKU 5163 Natural Insect Repellent worth $12.00. * 只限于2017年5月份和6月份被推荐的顾客,所获第 2 月免费产品将会是价值 $12.00 的 SKU 5163 天然驱虫剂。

Made with Taiwan Four Season Oolong, famous for its year-round production, this tea is distinguished by its elegant floral character and rich palate. A low temperature roast after fermentation results in a lightly roasted taste, and our special blend of peach flavor and red rose petals lends a beautiful fruity, floral fragrance.

精选一年四季皆可采收的台湾知名四季乌龙当基底,这 款茶以它的优雅花香与丰富口感闻名。发酵后低温烘烤, 带来清爽轻焙口感。而这款白桃风味乌龙,特别调合蜜 桃香味及红玫瑰花瓣,交织出醇美的花果香调。 Hidden Garden Premium Tea - Peach Flavor Oolong Tea (20 sachets) Hidden Garden 精选茶 - 白桃风味乌龙茶 (20包) SKU4584 | Regular Price 普通售价 : $27.60 SAVE 34% 节省 Preferred Customer 优惠价 : $18.20 (4pts)

Terms and Conditions 条例与规则

Other Program Rules 其他条例

• Melaleuca Southeast Asia (Singapore) reserves the right to disqualify any participants that are deemed to have violated the Company’s policies & procedures. • If there are any discrepancies between the information provided in English and the translation of that information, the English version shall govern. Any such discrepancies are not binding and are of no legal effect. • Melaleuca Southeast Asia (Singapore) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. Decisions are final and binding. • 若事业代表于此活动中触犯了条规,美乐家东南亚(新加坡)有权取消其参与资格。 • 如中英版内容有任何不符,请以英文版为准。 • 美乐家东南亚(新加坡)保留在不另行通知下更改条件与规则并对此活动保留最终之决定权。

• To be eligible for the FREE products, there should be no cancellation or change from a Preferred Customer to Direct Customer in the month/months prior • Monthly product point commitment must be fulfilled with no Back-up Order • No product point will be awarded for the FREE products • FREE products are not eligible for return or exchange for another product. The only exchange permitted is if the product is faulty • 以获赠免费产品,优惠顾客不可在当月/前几个月内取消该顾客资格或从优惠顾客更换 为基础顾客。 • 必须符合每月消费点数,不包括预备订单。 • 免费产品不附产品点数。 • 免费产品不可退或换取其他产品。有瑕疵的产品除外。



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