Apart from enjoying over 350 exclusive products, you also get to enjoy valuable gifts! 您拥有的不只是超过350项独家产品 更额外享有满额赠礼!

Purchase 80 Product Points (90 Points for Senior Directors and above) in a single invoice to be entitled for an exclusive Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper. 单张订单购满80点(90点资深总监或以上),即可获赠1套 美乐家旋风扫把。

Promotion Period: November 1st – 30th, 2017 (while stocks last) 促销期限: 2017年11月1日至30日 (送完为止)

Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper Powerful Cyclonic Spinning Action 美乐家旋风扫把 强劲旋风旋转设计,一推即净!

Introducing the Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper, a spinning super sweeper that cleans up mess with little effort and no stress. Just push the sweeper across any hard floor surface, and it instantly picks up chunks of dirt, food crumbs, spilled snacks, and messy kitty litter without you ever having to bend down. The secret is the unbeatable triple brush technology, which features horizontal grab-and-hold bristles that pull dirt into the center channel where the roller brush immediately sweeps it into the onboard dustpan. Ideal for hard floor surfaces and sweeps out deep grout lines between tiles. Other sweepers and vacuums can’t get close enough to capture dirt along edges and walls, but with the Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper’s horizontal bristles, reaching deep into corners and edges will never be a problem.

Over 350 exclusive wellness products highly recommended by 1,000,000 preferred customers available for you and your family for a healthier life. Save up to 30-40% with daily discounts, however the benefits does not stop here… 超过350项丰富选择,带给您与家人更富足的生活,有着超越市 售的质量,更拥有百万会员的真心推荐,而且每日还能为您省下 30%-40%的超值优惠,这些只是您所享受到的其中一部份而已… Because with Melaleuca, you deserve the best… • Better health for a more vibrant life • Peace of mind that only comes with a safer home • Clean homes. Clean streams. Clean conscience. • Over 350 exclusive wellness products highly recommended by 1,000,000 preferred customers • Trusted power of nature • Shop smart with greater savings • Solutions to health concerns • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


美乐家旋风扫把的强劲旋风旋转设计,让您不费吹灰之力就能轻松 清除垃圾。只需在坚固的地板上轻推,即能将脏污、食物与零食碎 屑、猫砂等脏乱,一扫即净。不弯腰、不疲累!

Powerful cordless sweeping with triple brush technology Quick and easy disposal Great for all hard floor surfaces Lightweight for easy handling

神奇之处就在无与伦比的三刷科技。具有吸附功效的横置刷子,能 将垃圾扫到中央的收入口,而滚刷便立即将垃圾扫到垃圾仓。

适用于坚固地板和清除瓷砖之间的缝隙的尘埃。其他的扫把和吸尘 机都无法清除边缘和墙壁的脏污,但是,有了美乐家旋风吸尘扫把 的横置刷子,深入清除任何角落和边缘再也不是问题。


Note: The Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper is different from what’s available in the local market. Melaleuca has obtained the right to re-brand this product of a well-known German brand available only in Korea, to be offered in Singapore.


因为选择美乐家 您值得拥有更多更好的… • 更佳的身体状态更容光焕发 • 更安心、安全的家 • 纯净的家, 纯净的溪流, 纯净的心灵 • 超过350种以上产品百万会员推荐 • 值得信赖的大自然力量 • 聪明购物, 节省金钱 • 为现今的健康问题提供解决方案 • 100%顾客满意保证





美乐家旋风扫把与市面上的选择与众不同。美乐家获得了韩国独家德国 知名品牌的许可,重塑品牌,仅在新加坡推出此产品。

Product images are for illustration purpose only. 图片只供参考,赠品规格以实品为准。


Terms & Conditions:

4. In the event of product exchange/return, the customer will need to replace the value of the products exchanged/returned with other products. If the qualifying value for the promotion is not fulfilled, the customer will be required to return the gift unopened. Otherwise, Melaleuca reserves the right to charge the customer retail price for each Melaleuca Cyclonic Sweeper. 5. Business Kits and non-product point items purchases will not be entitled towards this promotion. 6. Value Pack and Home Conversion Pack Purchasers need to purchase an additional 30PP in a single receipt to qualify for ONE (1) unit of premium for Free. Limited to ONE (1) unit per customer on a “while stock last” basis.

1. Promotion is only applicable to Preferred Customers of Melaleuca. 2. Every customer that fulfills the program criteria is only entitled to one (1) unit free premium during the promotion period (November 1-30, 2017) on a “while stocks last” basis. 3. The Melaleuca Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to premium gifts. No return or exchange is allowed unless the premium gift is defective. Any return or exchange must be done within 7 days of receiving the gift (invoice required). The gift is non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or credit on account.

1.此促销只限于美乐家优惠顾客。 2.每位符合消费的顾客在促销期间(2017年11月1日-30日)只能兑换1份赠品。存货有限,送完为止。 3.美乐家顾客满意保证不适用于本赠品活动。若非赠品本身瑕疵,恕不接受退、换货服务。退、换货服务必须在收到赠 品的7天内完成(必备收据以作核对)。这份赠品不可转让或兑换现金。 4.如须退还/退换产品,顾客必须更换同等或以上点数的产品。如不符合本促销规则,顾客必须原封不动奉还;否则美 乐家有权向顾客征收每套美乐家旋风扫把的零售价。 5.事业文件夹及无点数产品价格不得计算在此促销。 6. 购买精选超值套装及转换居家品牌套装顾客,需以单张订单额外购满30产品点数,方能兑换一(1)份赠品。每人只 能兑换一(1)份赠品,存货送完为止。



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