suppress your appetite

BOOST your metabolism

Protein keeps you feeling satisfied and helps reduce your carb cravingS

Your body uses protein both to build muscle and to burn faT 构建肌肉和燃脂 人体利用蛋白质来构建肌肉 和燃烧脂肪

By temporarily boosting your metabolism, protein helps suppress your appetitE

蛋白质可助您瘦身 蛋白质让您有饱足感, 有助减少对淀粉食物的渴望

提高新陈代谢和抑制食欲 通过暂时提高您的新陈代谢, 蛋白质有助抑制您的食欲

HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED? Contrary to what you might think, more protein isn’t necessarily better. Get enough protein to support your body size, age, and lifestyle, but don’t overload. Too much protein can be hard on your kidneys and liver, and won’t deliver any additional benefits. The average adult needs 0.38 grams of protein per day for every pound they weigh. 您需要摄取多少蛋白质? 与人们所认为的恰恰相反,蛋白质并不是越多越好。根据您的体型、年龄 与生活方式摄取蛋白质,避免过量摄取。摄取过多的蛋白质可能为肾脏和 肝脏增加负担,也无法让您获得额外的益处。 一般成人体重,每磅需摄取 0.38克蛋白质。

Strength training Increase protein intake to 0.54 to 0.77 grams per pound of weight per day Endurance training Increase protein intake to 0.59 to 0.82 grams per pound of weight per day 65+ If you are over 65 Extra protein can help you maintain and improve muscle mass, strength, and function. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests consuming 0.68 grams of protein per pound of weight per day.

Should you supplement? 您应补充蛋白质营养吗?

A high-quality protein supplement can help you meet your daily protein needs in conjunction with a healthy diet—especially as you increase your activity level or as you age. 在配合均衡饮食下,优质蛋白质营养品有助补充您每日所需的蛋白质,尤其是 当您的活动力提高或随着年龄增长。

肌力锻炼 每天增加蛋白质摄取量0.54 - 0.77克/磅

do you know PROTEIN? 您对蛋白质知多少?

耐力锻炼 每天增加蛋白质摄取量0.59 - 0.82克/磅 65+ 若您是65岁以上 额外的蛋白质摄取将有助维持与改善肌肉质量、肌力和机能。 临床营养学报建议每天摄取0.68克/磅的蛋白质。

0.38 (use 0.68 if you’re over 65) ( 65岁以上的人士摄取0.68 克/磅 )

find your daily protein target

GRAMS of prOTEIN YOU NEED DAIly 您每日所需的蛋白质(克)


CURRENT WEIGHT (in pounds)

目前的体重 (以磅计算)

Your muscles, bones, blood, skin, hair, nails, and brain cells all rely on protein. Protein is primarily used to build, maintain, and repair tissues. PRotein’s amino acids are considered the building blocks of your body. 您的肌肉、骨骼、血液、皮肤、头发、指甲和脑细胞都需要蛋白质。蛋白质主要用于构建、 维持和修复人体组织。 氨基酸是生命机体的重要物质基础。

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