October Activation Kit

Your Role


EDUCATOR Raise awareness .

Don ' t be story , be a leader .

Use your voice to empower other teens and protect your friends . Signup to become a MADD Youth Influencer to organize and conduct prevention awareness campaigns at your school . Post on social media to influence your friends and followers . Rock the Red . Kick off Red Ribbon Week by encouraging students and staff to wear red and distribute red ribbons and red wristbands . Use the influence of your group to encourage others to participate . #ProtectUrSelfie, #ProtectUrFriends or #ProtectUrFuture by posting group pictures of friends and classmates with these hastags that are committed to remaining alcohol free.

Invite a MADD speaker to share real stories involving underage drinking . Create awareness activities that encourage students to choose their minds over matter . Host a class room discussion where students debate about underage drinking . Set up role play scenarios with real life situations that teens can be or have been in . Be a mentor to a “ student influencer ” to help them engage and safeguard their peers . Distribute MADD Power of You ( th ) info to your students . Become an official Power of You ( th ) facilitator in your school . Incorporate a link to the teen booklet and / or parent handbook ( s ) in an email distribution list of parents or students in conjunction with your activities .

Throw your own alcohol free party next weekend .


Keep protecting .


Let ' s work together .

Work with teachers and student groups within your school to implement the other elements of MADD ’ s October Activation Toolkit series .

Draw community attention through an op - ed article . Post Power of You ( th ) content to social media pages . Send out media release about events at school and lobby for coverage .

MADD Power of You(th) : Activation Toolkit

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