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By, James G. Crooks, Medical Director, The Physiotherapy Center Ltd. PHYSIOTHERAPY: AN OVERVIEW

The worlds of medicine and health are intimately intertwined and run the gamut of treatment options and protocols. At times disciplines might appear to actually run counter to each other with stances being taken as to the efficacy of their respected treatments. Without taking sides one could argue that the many offerings should compliment each other rather than be in conflict. It is true that medication is required to treat some issues; it is also true that lifestyle changes and awareness could have avoided some of these issues. Diabetes and hypertension—two of the scourges of modernity—are closely associated with one’s lifestyle.

Deteriorating physical and cognitive disorders, musculoskeletal dysfunction, post-surgery, and trauma/stress-related injuries can all be treated to varying degrees by physiotherapy and is considered a bastion for orthopedic and sport- related injuries. Many will forego the availability of physiotherapy, preferring to go it alone, until what could have easily been treated becomes chronic and unbearable. Physiotherapy complements, enhances and contributes to a significant positive outcome of a myriad of health issues and is well worth one’s investment in time and energy towards a more wholesome and healthy life.

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