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Impact Evaluation Plan The project team also can decide whether to develop an impact evaluation. An impact evaluation plan looks at how the report affects subsequent decisions and related events. The potential to collect this data often rests with those who regularly track this information or have the ability to do so. Additionally, much of this data can rely on conversations with decisionmakers themselves.

Example measures of report impact could include:

Report recommendation

Example measures

Example of who collects the data

Example of who publicly reports the data

Example due date(s)

Responses to non- compliance should not include incarceration Ensure consistent use of responses to non- compliance and Evaluate the current use of responses to non-compliance and rewards for compliance within DOC rewards for compliance

Number of bills introduced to change law or Administrative Code Increase in staff training, circulation of written policy statement Evaluation plan established + shared publicly; assess current use and consistency of responses to non-compliance and rewards department-wide

Legislator, WISDOM


June 2017


DOC, WISDOM June 2017


DOC, WISDOM Jan 2018

Outcome Evaluation Plan Outcome evaluations focus on answering questions related to how a specific decision may impact health determinants and health outcomes. They happen over long periods of time and take additional cost. As information from this report is shared with various decision-makers, the project team will consider whether it is appropriate to develop an outcome evaluation plan.

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