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A HELPING HAND Why Business Leaders Need to Ask for Help

You’re actively reaching out to experts, learning how other people solve problems, and broadening the awareness of your name and brand at the same time. If you struggle to ask others for help when you need it, start by changing your mindset. You don’t have to do it all; you’re just one person, and sometimes one person needs to delegate tasks to others to get more done. Asking for help is also easier when you know what you want to ask for. If you are overwhelmed by a big project, take a moment to write down your goals for that project, along with a list of action steps and resources needed to get there. Then think about who you can reach out to in order to tackle these steps. If you’re still uncomfortable with asking for help, make a point of helping others when you can. Being helpful changes the way you perceive receiving help and builds a positive reputation with others. When you are viewed as being helpful, other people want to help you in return. Asking for help means admitting you can’t do it all alone. But why should you have to? Doing it all alone can be pretty lonely, and asking for help means you have a team to support you wherever you go.

“Can you give me a hand?”

Asking for help is a simple request. Most people do it every day, whether they’re getting a second opinion on a paint color or asking a stranger to hold

the elevator. Asking for help is important; the ability to work as a team is one of mankind’s greatest strengths. But if the act of asking for help is so essential in our lives, why do entrepreneurs have such a hard time with it? This struggle often comes from pride, the idea that if you admit you can’t do it all, then you can’t do anything. But this mindset often leads to ruin. In a survey by 99 Design, most entrepreneurs claimed the worst mistake they ever made wasn’t a poor financial decision or bad planning — it was simply not asking for help early in their careers. Having to ask for help isn’t a sign that you’re unable to achieve what you set out to do. In fact, when you ask for help in business, you may find you’re able to achieve more . This is because asking for help is a form of networking.

CONCEALED VS. EXPOSED TRIM PIECES One of Many Products at Central Michigan Roofing

Exposed-Fastener Panel Trim

Not a lot of people know about our trim pieces and what we have to offer, so we wanted to take some time and explain our services and products. Trim pieces are a pivotal part of what we do. All of our trim products are manufactured and produced in house and completely customized to your specifications. Here’s an overview of two popular metal roofing panels and what makes them unique.

With exposed-fastener panels and trim, the screws that fasten seams to the roof are visible. The aesthetic is different, and so is the functionality. Exposed-fastener roofing is used for applications such as chicken coops, barns, as well as residential applications because it is economical and easier for a DIY install. That means the trim pieces that go with an exposed-fastener roof are generally going to be more cost-effective as well.

Concealed-Fastener Panel Trim

Concealed-fastener trim is designed to cover up any screws that secure the metal panels to your roof. Each roll-formed seam is screwed to the roof at specific intervals, and the trim cleverly hides each screw. The result is a clean look that appears as if it was dropped on the roof with ease. It usually is also a gauge or two thicker and makes for one of the better roofs out there.

Choosing the right trim and metal panels is pivotal when looking to get the most out of your metal roofing. Give us a call today so we can walk you through each product and explain the

best solution to your roofing needs. Our team will customize each part of your project so you reap the benefits of metal roofing through each season.

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