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MARCH, 1966

missionary medicine in a space agè^

THE BIOLA FELLOWSHIP Consists of those who desire to be faithful stewards in B IO L A 's ministry. Their stewardship con­ sists of regular support of the GENERAL, RADIO, or M IS ­ S IO N A R Y funds. THE SPONSORSHIP PLAN Any friend w h o designates $200.00 a year for student training becomes a "Student- Sponsor" and likewise a partici­ pant in the training of volun­ teers for worldwide service for Christ. THE CH R IST IAN 'S W ILL Many people intend to remem­ ber B IO LA in their wills, but many procrastinate, with fre­ quent resultant losses to the Lord's work. A n inquiry to our office will bring information. THE INVESTM ENT INCOME Those who want to give a part of their savings for investment in this Christian enterprise, and at the same time receive regular dividends, find this plan ade­ quately meets their needs. THE TRUSTEE ACCOUNT Preferred by some with Savings and Loan accounts. Donor, con­ sidered a trustee for BIOLA, is in complete control while living. A t death, the remaining balance goes to BIOLA.







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Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor • S. H. Sutherland, President • Ray A. Myers, Board Chairman Vol. 57, No. 3 • MARCH, In the year of our Lord 1966 • Established 1910 Articles I A M A TIRED AM ER ICAN ..................................................... 14 THE SIN OF IN STAB ILITY — Robert L. Thomas ....................... 20 ARE WE LIVING TOO LAVISHLY? — Gunnar Hogland ............ 22 NO RM AN NELSON: SING ING AMBASSADOR — Dick Hillis ...... 24 T RA IN ING AFRICAN LEADERS ................................................ 36 AU CA BAPTISM .................................................................... 38 DEATH BY DEFAULT — Homer Dowdy ................................. 40 THE NEW JERUSALEM — Vera Pullen ................................... 43 PR IM IT IVE M ED IC INE IN THE SPACE AGE — Robert L. Owen .. . 44 AFTER GRADUATION W HAT ? — James A. Brown ................. 47 M ISSIONARY C A N D Y LIFT .................................................... 48 features MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR — Samuel H. Sutherland .............. 6 OVER A CUP OF COFFEE — Joyce Landorf ................................ 10 CULTS CRITIQUE — Betty Bruechert ...................................... 16 BOOK REVIEWS ...................................................................... 18 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ................... 30 CHR IST IAN WORKERS C L IN IC — Chester Larson ................... 31 TA LK ING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramore ................................ 32 SCIENCE A N D THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser ....................... 33 M ISSIONS — THE PAUL CARLSON STORY ............................ 34 JUNIOR K ING 'S BUSINESS .................................................... 46 Columns PEOPLE IN THE NEW S ........................................................... 4 READER REACTION ............................................................... 8 HOM ILETICAL HELPS ............................................................. 11 Cover Pictured on this month's cover is Dr. Paul H. Pennypacker of Castro Valley, California, examining the injured arm of Mexican farmer who had come to a free clinic in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Photo by John H. Boewe. — All Rights Reserved —

S. H. SUTHERLAND: Editor AL SANDERS: Managing Editor BETTY BRUECHERT: Copy Editor BILL EHMANN: Coordinator


JANE M. CLARK: Circulation Manager

VIRGINIA LUBER: Production Manager EDITORIAL BOARD: William Bynum, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. . Feinberg, James O. Henry, Martha S. Hooker




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MARCH, 1966

A year's meditations in the company o f Christ

Stanley Taylor, vice president of Films for Christ Association, Peoria, Illinois, has announced the release of the Spanish version of the award­ winning motion picture “ Call of the Navajo.” M is s io n a r ie s in Latin America anticipate wide usage for this picture which tells the story of Ashkee, an Indian boy studying to become a medicine man. Accused of stealing a valuable silver belt from the trading post, he comes to the missionary for help. After a series of misfortunes, he is converted, and attends mission school, planning to continue on to college and then re­ turning to his people with the mes­ sage of Jesus Christ. The film is available to missions on a lease basis. Further information may be ob­ tained by writing Films for Christ, 1204 North Elmwood, Peoria, Illi­ nois. John Haywood, British missionary to Vietnam w ith the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, was shot to death by Viet Cong who ambushed a convoy in the mountains north of Da Nang. Mr. Haywood and his wife were in charge of the mission’s lep­ rosy program there. Ken McVety, director of Word of Life Press and TEAM missionary in Japan, has stated that the initial response to the new Japanese New Testament has been utterly over­ whelming. Advance orders swallowed up the first 25,000 copies before they were received from the bindery and the second 25,000 copies were sold within 60 days after their re­ ceipt. A new order for 50,000 copies has been placed with the printers. This revised Japanese New Testa­ ment is the work of 40 Japanese scholars, sponsored jointly by the Lockman Foundation and the Japan Bible Publishers. The sales campaign for the New Testament was launched in a series of rallies in which Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, president of Biola College, La Mirada, California, brought timely messages on “Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God.” The rallies were co-ordinated with a nationwide advertising pro­ gram which reached into some of Japan’s largest n ew spapers and magazines.

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FiveDims whi theMaster

From a recognized master in the field, the Rev. R. E. O. White, comes a new and beautiful contribution to personal devotions. Brief daily meditations, which include selected passages from Scrip­ ture and the author’s own clear and forceful prose, are organized into fifty- two weekly themes, reflecting the Holy days of the Christian calendar and the changing sea son s o f the year. Five Minutes with the Master is dignified and attractive in appearance, with a deluxe leather-like cover and a convenien t bound-in silk marker. It is an ideal gift choice as well as a spiritually rewarding personal companion. $3.95

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a message from the editor Ä




T h e t e r m modernist has been largely supplanted by other words and phrases, but the odor lingers on. Indeed, one of the clever ways by which modern unbelief is creeping into our pres­ ent-day Christianity is by disassociating itself completely from the modernism of the last generation. Forty years ago, when the modernist-fundamentalist contro­ versy was raging at its height, the modernistic position was quite well defined. It consisted in large measure of a denial of the great foundation truths of historic Protestantism as found in the Word of God. The fundamental of all fundamentals was the conviction that the Bible in its original languages was the result of verbal inspiration by the Holy Spirit, so that "holy men of old spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” As a result of this great foundation fact, there were certain other fundamental truths that were forcefully taught because they were so clearly revealed in the Word of God. The modernist of that generation denied those truths. He denied, first of all, the infallibility o f the Bible, and because he did not have an infallible Bible to guide him in his thinking, he could rationalize anything he wanted to out of the Bible and leave in anything he desired to remain. Incidentally, so many modernists rationalized so much out of the Bible that even some of them became alarmed at the fact that nothing of any consequence whatsoever actually remained in the Book which could be accepted by all of that ilk. Modernism of the last generation based its ideology, in large measure, upon certain negative beliefs which came out of Ger­ many a hundred and fifty years ago. This system of unbelief has become known as the Graf-Welhausen hypothesis. The leaders in this destructive school of higher criticism began with the convic­ tion that the Bible was not the inspired Word of God; they then proceeded to prove that point by stating the Pentateuch was not written by Moses but instead by a group of writers, each of whom used a distinctive word for God. These documents were brought together by some unknown redactor who combined these various books of antiquity in a most ingenious manner and called them the Books of Moses. They taught, furthermore, the dutero-Isaiah

There is no book of guidance, no textbook for the young, that can equal the Great Textbook of the Ages — the Book that gives us rules for living that will never be superseded, that will never pass away. There are no Bibles made with more care and-skill than the Bibles made in Cambridge,wheretheprintingofBibles has been a responsibility of fine craftsmen since the sixteenth century.




theory, that is, that Isaiah did not write the entire prophecy ascribed to him but, instead, the two men wrote the book. Again, they claimed that their writings were brought together by some unknown compiler and certainly Isaiah was not inspired. These skeptics also taught that Daniel was not written at the time during which Daniel lived but, instead, was written by some unknown author after the events recorded in Daniel had actually occurred. So they were merely prophetic figures of speech. O f course this would deny the inspiration of the Book of Daniel, because actually the prophecies are so remarkable and their fulfillments so accu­ rate that Daniel must have been supernaturally inspired. These critics also eliminated the Gospel according to John, and claimed that it was written between 200-300 A .D ., thus giving sufficient time for the various "myths” concerning the deity of Jesus Christ to become firmly established in the imaginations of His followers. They also concocted rather poorly veiled excuses for denying Pauline authorship of some of his epistles, as well as Petrine author­ ship of II Peter. The modernists of that generation, in large measure, have passed from the scene and today we have a new breed. They do not call themselves modernists but instead have tried to attach his­ torically significant terms to themselves in order to avoid the stigma of being called modernists. They use the title "neo-ortho- dox,” a term originating about twenty-five years ago. As in the previous generation, some of these men crept into otherwise ortho­ dox seminaries and began their task of teaching liberalism to the oncoming pulpiteers, so today men have crept into otherwise orthodox theological seminaries and are proclaiming this nefarious system of unbelief. There is nothing new whatever in this "new” orthodoxy; it is simply a rehash of that which was started long ago and which, incidentally, was quite thoroughly answered and repudiated by conservative theologians of the last generation. It is not necessary for a theologian to run the whole gamut of unbelief as taught by the destructive critics to be a destructive critic himself. All he need do is to pick up one of these points of denial and begin to proclaim it. He teaches others also and they, in turn, enlarge upon it and add to it one or two other points of unbelief until, once again, we have the whole system of anti- Christianity flourishing in places where once God’s Word was thoroughly believed and systematically taught. The tragic trend today is the fact that these neo-orthdox defectors are so cordially welcomed by so many church leaders who themselves claim to believe the Bible to be the Word of God with all o f its attendant doctrinal teachings. Here is actually how unbelief creeps in — a little here and a little there, until the Word of God is quite com­ pletely discredited and it is too late to do anything about it. This is the way schools or organizations or denominations are lost to the cause of Christ. May the Lord help us to be alert to these dangers, both real and potential, in order that we may steadfastly maintain and boldly proclaim the pure truths found in God’s inspired Word.


■ I F Y O U W O U L D LIK E T BE S U R E O F Y O U R C O N T IN U IN G W IT N E S S ON T H M I S S I O N F I E L D . . . IF Y O U ARE A L SO IN T E R E S T E D S E C U R IT Y A N D PEACE O M IN D . . . c o n s i d e r the a dv a tage s o f W o r l d V i s i o n ’s G I A N N U I T Y P L A N .

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MARCH, 1966



*A College of Distinction'' ★ Spacious Campus ★ Sports ★ Consecrated Faculty i f Clubs i f Choir Write Dr. Monroe Parker, President, for Catalog

EDITORIALS Both my husband and I have found T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s M a g a z i n e an excellent source of Christian reading. Some of the editorials are so packed with important eye-openers that one feels like shouting the information to everyone who will listen. We have ordered two subscriptions for some missionary friends in India and Africa, and I know God will bless those who read them. Mrs. Lucille M. Effa, Richmond, B.C. WRONG M A R Y Will you please tell Mr. Whitwell that his outline in the December issue on page 13 indicates that Jesus was worshipped by Mary after the resur­ rection? Please tell this brother that there is no record of Mary whatever after Jesus, on the cross, gave her to John, except in Acts 1:14. There is no record that she saw Jesus after He died. In all the four Gospels, the names of those women who saw Him are given, but hers is not in the list. Walter L. Wilson, Kansas City, Missouri PARSONAGE ROOF We have enjoyed the many fine arti­ cles in T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s down through the years. One of my favorite articles has been “ Under the Parson­ age Roof.” Each month when the magazine arrived, I always read Mrs. Miller’s column first, even if I didn’t have time at the moment to read any others. I shall greatly miss her column. Mrs. Elizabeth Collard, Sonora, Mexico MOVIES We would like to add our hearty en­ dorsement to your article in the No­ vember issue on movies. We were really surprised to see such an open and candid opinion among Christians these days regarding the theater, as so many believers are afraid to touch the sub­ ject for fear of losing out among their fellow Christian friends. I had no idea that Biola took this stand, and we are indeed happy to know that this is maintained by those going to the col­ lege. May the Lord bless you as you continue your ministry of training peo­ ple to serve Jesus Christ uncompromis­ ingly so far as the things of the world are concerned. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Baker, Glendale, Calif. THE KING'S BUSINESS

WARN ING O N ULTRAS A group of false teachers known as Ultra-Dispensationalists are caus­ ing havoc among God's dear children in these perilous days in which we are living. Sailing under false colors they get into sound Evangelical Churches, and then split them wide open with their false teaching. Their favorite method is to make contacts in Church meetings and then hold study groups in the member’s homes. They deny water baptism for this age and teach that the Church did not start on the day of Pentecost. They have zeal without knowledge. Ask outside speakers whether they believe in water baptism for this age before you allow them in your pulpit. It could save you a lot of trouble. To be forewarned is to be forearmed against these pernicious teachers of the last days. Write for a free copy of my tract “A Damnable Heresy” which exposes this 20th Century Cult. REV. HARRY A. McGIMSEY— P.O. Box 188, Hemet, California 92343

CovenantRetirement Centers are more than superb retirement com­ munities. They are a way of life. They offercustom-designed retire­ mentplans tofit individual needs featuring beautifully appointed suites and semi-suites. They provide complete active retirement service with companionship, recre­ ation, security and independence withina Christian environment. Covenant Village NORTHBROOK % Mr. Harvey E. Anderson 2745 Techny Road •Northbrook»Illinois Covenant Palms M IAM I % Mr. V ictor Person 8400 N.W. 25th Avenue «Miami, Florida Mount Miguel Covenant Village SAN DIEGO /° Rev. G . M a rian Enns 325 Kempton Street «Spring Valley, California Hearthstone Manor FOLSOM /o Mr. L. Dow Coffm an 6700 Oak Avenue «Folsom, California Mountain View Covenant Center DENVER p r o p o s e d Applications areavailable topersons ofvarying economic levels. Informa­ tion is available by writing the center of your choice.





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What do you think of the woman who wrote the play, "A Cat Called Jesus ” ? ( signed J.M.) Dear J.M.: I feel desperatejy sorry for a wo­ man who, in spite of her obvious in­ telligence and talent, has no joyful, personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. If she knew Him as He is — perfect Love, perfect Goodness, perfect Truth — surely the response of her heart would be reverent adoration and gratitude; and the cheap, de­ grading, sensational use of the Name that is above EVERY name would seem utterly repulsive to her for whom Jesus Christ died. To know Jesus Christ vitally and personally is to know One who is “ altogether lovely” . . . “ the fairest of ten thousand.” To know Jesus Christ personally is to know Him of whom the Bible says . . . “ and his name shall be ca lled Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” His Name has been revered by the greatest statesmen, philoso­ phers and scholars through the gen­ erations. Even the severest critics cannot deny the authenticity of lives totally committed to Him. To know Jesus Christ personally brings joy, poise, freedom and deep satisfaction. It is He who gives direction, pur­ pose and meaning to life. KNOW AN ALCOHOLIC? Do you personally know a real al­ coholic? If your righteous skirts are being pulled around you as you shout a resounding, “ I don’t know ANY alcoholic!!” then perhaps you had better take a look at your fellow man, and at your brand of Chris­ tianity! Sometimes shocking and sometimes almost brutal, yet filled with challenge after challenge is Gert Behanna’s new album WHO IS AN ALCOHOLIC? (Word, No. w- 3358-LP) TH IS M ON TH 'S RECIPE Maxine Cantrell, wife of Fred Cantrell (Alpha Beta Store’s vice- pres.) makes this marvellous hot French bread. Try it, your family will love it. Split a long loaf of French bread lengthwise and spread this mix on it. *4 lb. of butter with *4 cup of mayonnaise and a little garlic salt. Then sp r in k le grated parmesean cheese and a little paprika on top and heat in oven 350 degrees for 10 minutes (uncovered on a baking sheet). Uhmmmm serve with spaghetti and green salad. What a meal!

wearing out, its leg is scratched; it has trouble, in fact, everything has trouble. It’s how we take our trouble that really counts.” I read today that every trouble is an opportunity to win the grace of strength, and that trouble is always with us to develop strength. A world without trouble would only bring spiritual and moral laziness. Fortu­ nately, every day is crowded with care. Every day to every one of us brings its questions, its worries, its tasks and its own trouble. Thus we get spiritual and moral exercise. With each new day and new trouble we get new opportunities for the de­ velopment of our soul. Even the days when we too, like Laurie, “ Don’t like life!” A minister once wrote, “ There are three attitudes one can take about trouble: resent it, resign yourself to it, or rejoice in it like a Christian.” How about you?

TROUBLES ANYONE? W h e n L a u r ie ’ s teacher called me to school for a talk with him, that’s one thing. But after I ar­ rived, to be called into the princi­ pal’s office, now, that was another thing! I realized that getting sum­ moned to the “Principal’s Office” still affects me like it used to with that quiver of fear running down my back. It still means trouble! As it turned out Laurie was hav­ ing some problems in two subjects, one was arithmatic (ah, she’s her mother’s girl) and it was going to take some very hard work and a few tests to get her over the hump. When I left the office the teacher seemed confident that Laurie wou ld be helped so I came home to break the news to her and have my “heart-to- heart talk.” All the confidence in the world didn’t help as I told Laurie about my conference with her teacher. She seemed to crumble into little defeat­ ed pieces and discouragement flowed with her tears. Her first words were “ Mother, I wish I were dead!” I put my arms around her and asked, “ Why?” She explained, “ Because I don’t like life!” I wept with her be­ cause so many times I’ve felt the same way. Many days I don’t like life either! The next day at her piano lesson she told her surprised teacher that she wished that she was a cat. When asked, why, she answered, “ Because a cat doesn’t have any troubles.” Her wise teacher then told her about the little brown mouse who has trouble with the cat, the cat who has trouble with the dog, the dog who has trou­ ble with bigger dogs, and that no one is free from trouble. Laurie listened but seemed puzzled so she said, “ Everyone has trouble? But that chair doesn’t.” “ Oh but it does,” her teacher replied, “ Look, its fabric is




V e r s e f o r T o d a y I live such a frustrated life. My work is just half-through at best; When I get to Heaven with all of the saints, The first thousand years I’ll just rest! “ In my Father’s house are many mansions : if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2). Readers are invited to send questions, recipes, and comments to this column.




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THE GOSPEL— I The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor (Luke 4:18). I. What Is the Gospel? 1. Takes away the fear of death. 2. Tells us we shall rise again. 3. Promises the forgiveness of sins. 4. Gives assurance of everlasting life. 5. Proclaims God’s love for even the chief of sinners. — D. L. Moody The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor (Luke 4:18). I. To Whom Shall the Gospel Be Preached? 1. To every creature. To the sinning and to the un­ worthy. 3. To all who take the place of guilty sinners. For Whom Is There Blessing? 1. For all the poor and needy. For those who believe Christ died in their stead. For all who accept Him. — D. L. Moody II. Good Tidings THE GOSPEL— II As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever be- lieveth in him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:14, 15). And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. This he said, signifying what death he should die (John 12:32, 33). I. Christ Must Be Lifted Up as the Serpent Was in the Wilderness 1. As a remedy for sin. 2. As a full and adequate remedy. 3. As a present remedy. 4. As a divinely certified remedy. 5. As one crucified for the sins of men. II. Christ Must Be Looked at When He Is Lifted Up 1. Look, expecting divine power to save. 2. Looking to Jesus implies that we look away from ourselves. 3. Salvation must be the object for which we look. 4. Sinners must look to Christ as a remedy for all sin. 5. Sinners may look at once with­ out the least delay. 6. Must look to faith not works for blessings. — Charles G. Finney THE SAVIOUR LIFTED UP A N D THE LOOK OF FAITH

h a n d b o o k


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talks to girls about \ THAT GIRL IN I YOUR MIRROR •4 % Her new book is a wholesome girl-to-girl talk about strengthen- f ing character, developing per- f. sonality, poise, self-discipline and £ faith. In her public appearances, g; Miss America constantly and #■ forthrightly witnesses for Christ. 1 Cloth, $2.95. Paper. $1.00. AT YOUR BOOKSTORE FLEMING H. REVELL Company Westwood, N. J.


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M IN ISTRY ot MERCY With the gifts of Christian friends, God has enabled us to minister to the desperate needs of our Hebrew Chris­ tian brethren around the world. Bibles, food, medi­ cines and relief sustain those witnessing for Christ in Is­ rael and elsewhere. Will you share in this ministry? Write: P.O. Box 506-K, Clearwater, Florida R ev D avid BnoNSTEiN, Secy.


by John W . Alexander U n iv e r s it y p r o f e s s o r s are a collection of atheists and ag­ nostics.” Have you heard anybody say that? I have. I have heard Chris­ tian people say it — and it has made me wonder about something, a ques­ tion I want to ask you. As background, let me say that I was once a college professor for al­ most twenty years at the University of Wisconsin where I left my posi­ tion in January, 1965 to become General Director of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. During my two decades at Wisconsin, I came to know university professors fairly well. I know how they think — and what some of their problems are. University faculty men are very influential people. The thoughts they think and the philosophies they adopt have a profound impact on students. Those students go on in the years ahead to have a great influence on society. If you want to reach a na­ tion, you must reach its college stu­ dents; and the surest way to reach students is through their teachers. “Get the faculty and you will get the students.” Many a Christian student has lost his faith at a state university be­ cause of the influence of non-Chris­ tian professors. Conversely, some non-Christian students have come to Christ because of the influence of a Christian professor. I’m disturbed by the vast number of Christians — both clergy and lay-

A staff of sixteen dedicated Christian psycho­ logists and professional counselors plus ontf full­ time medical doctor. Evaluation and therapy for personality, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, pre­ marriage, marriage, parent-child, vocational, and educational problems. Fees are minimum. DR. CLYDE M. NARRAMORE, Director PHONE MU 1-5669 THE CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTER 35So. Raymond Pasadena, Calif.

International Hebrew Christian Alliance

HO. 9-5883



(ß a b u it


Largest in the West 545 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. SY. 7-5173 Little Giant Hotomatic Gas Water Heater No. 3

What’s going on in AFRICA m u r ? Plenty! And the way to keep up with it all is AFRICA NOW. Fresh news reports, surveys, special features, maps, pictures, stories— 16 authoritative pages acclaimed by teachers, pastors, mission and youth leaders everywhere. Free each quarter from the Sudan Interior Mission to encourage prayerful interest on be­ half of God's work in Africa.

Will supply all the hot water needed for Baptistries, Church Kitchens, Rest Rooms. Heats 450 GPH, 20° rise in tempera­ ture. Write for free folders on water heaters. Fiberglass Bap­ tistries, spires and crosses. LITTLE GIANT MFG. CO. 907 7th Street, Orange, Texas

F ILMS FOR LENT , and HANSENS r a c t e d CHURCH EASTER F ILM SFo r Information— HOIlywood 3-3155 || 6045 Hollywood Hollywood, 90028 Calif.

SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION USA: 164 W 74th Street, New York, N.Y. 10013 CANADA: 405 Huron Street, Toronto 5, Ontario

I am interested in praying for God's work in Africa. Please put mo on your moiling list for AFRICA NOW and other SIM material without obligation.






men — who condemn university pro­ fessors but never pray for them. I'm alarmed at the infinitesimally small number of Christians who are carry­ ing even the smallest prayer burden for the salvation of university teach­ ers. Why is it that the body of Christ has written off as hopeless this most strategic segment of our society? Is the Holy Spirit incapable of drawing faculty men to Christ? Are Christ’s death and resurrection inadequate for the redemption of university pro­ fessors? If not, why don’t we begin to pray expectantly for a movement of the Holy Spirit and the conversion of faculty people on the universities of our country? Unfortunately, most of these peo­ ple will not attend church to hear the gospel. Therefore missionaries must go to them. Fortunately, God has al­ ready raised up a missionary society which has, as a major aim, reaching these strategic individuals for Jesus Christ. It is my privilege to be the General Director of this missionary society. (A layman in Seattle who heard me speak briefly on this ad­ mitted sheepishly, “ I’m embarrassed. I’ve lived all these years in Seattle and never once prayed for the facul­ ty at the University of Washington which is right here in town. I pray for the faculty of our church col­ lege — but never for the professors at the sta te university. You’ve opened up a whole new world to me. Im going to add them to my prayer list.” ) The readers of King’s Business constitute a powerful reservoir of prayer-potential. Accordingly, may I make two requests of you: (1) Please pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit at the universities in your state, drawing faculty mem­ bers to Jesus Christ. (2) Pray that the Lord will anoint Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and make it an effective instrument in re a ch in g these people for Christ. If you know of any born-again college professors who could collabo­ rate with us, or if you are carrying a prayer burden for any non-Chris­ tian faculty members whom you would like to have us contact, please let me have their names. I shall ask Inter - Varsity personnel to reach them. John W. Alexander, General Dir. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1519 N. Astor, Chicago, 111. 60610

Thislitleboyknows theheartachesol

LOSTHES! Hunger, abandonment, hopelessness . . . these are etched deeply into the face of this little boy pictured as he was taken into one of our Orphanage Homes. Now he, and the other children shown below—and hundreds of others—need a s p o n s o r . Imagine this wretched little waif, scrubbed and cleaned up, in warm clothing, no longer a pitiable wanderer, in school and learning about God . .. you can make all of this possible, personally, if you will become a sponsor. The cost is small, only $10 a month (that’s about 33 cents a day) . . . your sponsorship will provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care. And you will be assured that your orphan will bd brought up in an atmosphere of Christian love; all of our Korean staff members are Bible-believing Christians. Who knows, perhaps your orphan will one day, under God, grow up to be a Christian leader in this poor land.

What a privilege and blessing sponsorship of one of these orphan children will be to you—or to a group. You’ll receive a photo of the child, of the Orphanage Home, brief history, and an opportunity to enter into a relation­ ship which will bring joy and satisfaction into -your life. Do what your compassionate heart tells you to do—and do it today. The need is urgent.

In Soo (V-l)

Myung Hui (V-2) Sung Bok (V-3) Kyung Sook (V-4) Kwang Shik (V-5) Kyung Joo (V-6)

Age 9

Age 8

Age 9

Age 9

Age 12

Age 6

Est* 1952


om pa sM Rev. E\ Intorrtonnmii


□ Yes, I want to sponsor an orphan. My choice is________________________ If already chosen when this arrives, I agree to sponsor a similar child. I prefer □ Boy □ Girl___________ Age. With God’s help, I will send $10 a month to COMPASSION. I understand that I may dis­ continue any time. Please send child’s picture and FULL PARTICULARS. Enclosed is support for □ first month, □ one year. □ Please select a child for me and send par­ ticulars at once. □ I cannot sponsor a child now, but want to help by giving $____________ All gifts are most welcome . . . income tax deductible. □ Please send folder “How to Sponsor a Korean Orphan."

verett F. Swanson, Founder I terde o inational, Non-Profit Corporation Dept. K36 7774 Irving Pk. Rd.f Chicago, III. 60634 Ph. 456-6116 Compassion of Canada, Ltd., Box 880, Blenheim, Ontario






MARCH, 1966


A Tired American Speaks Out

[joV tta , tmboftyouJo'&lje , . . . Ten acres of resorf luxury in the heart of Phoenix. Five minutes from Sky Harbor Airport. Steps from smart shops, theaters. Deluxe accommodations with year around J air-conditioning. Olympic Swimming Pool. Cocktail Lounge. Entertainment. N O CHARGE SERVICES: transportation to and 11 from station or airport, golf courses, riding stables, churches; jp Breakfast served in your room. FREE P A R K IN G at your door. M

The following editorial by Alan McIntosh recently appeared in the Rock County Herald, Luverne, Minn. The editors of The Inquirer believe that most Americans have the same feelings about current conditions and attitudes as does Mr. McIntosh. I a m A t i r e d A m e r i c a n . I am tired of being called the ugly American. I’m tired of having the world pan­ handlers use my country as a whip­ ping boy 365 days a year. I am a tired American—weary of having American embassies and in­ formation centers stoned, burned, and sacked by mobs operating under orders from dictators who preach peace and breed conflict. I am a tired American—weary of being lectured by Gen. de Gaulle (who never won a battle) who poses as a second Jehovah in righteousness and wisdom. I am a tired American—weary of Nasser and all the other blood-suck­ ing leeches who bleed Uncle Sam white and kick him on the shins and yank his beard if the flow falters. I am a tired American—weary of the beatniks who say they should have the right to determine what laws of the land they are willing to obey. I am a tired American — fed up with the mobs of scabby-faced, long­ haired youths and short-haired girls who claim they represent the “ new wave” of America and who sneer at the old-fashioned virtues of honesty, integrity, and morality on which America grew to greatness. I am a tired American — weary unto death of having my tax dol­ lars go to dictators who play both sides against the middle with threats of what will happen if we cut off the golden stream of dollars. I am a tired American — who is tired of supporting families who haven’t known any other source of income other than Government re­ lief checks for three generations. * * * I am a tired American — who is getting madder by the minute at the filth peddlers who have launched Americans in an obscenity race — who try to foist on us the belief that THE KING'S BUSINESS

Why BILLY GRAHAM S WORLD AFLAME is your ideal choice for Lenten reading

You’ll learn—when you read the very first chapter—why Billy Graham’s W o r l d A f l a m e has been the fastest-selling book in America’s bookstores for the past four months. W o r l d A f l a m e is hard-hitting, an intentionally controversial challenge to a world in danger. Read W o r l d A f l a m e during Lent for its urgent, Bible-based message about the confusions and fears we all share. $3.95 at all booksellers

• I doubleday


filth is an integral part of culture— in the arts, the movies, literature, the stage. I am a tired American — weary of the bearded bums who tramp the picket lines and the sit-ins — who prefer Chinese Communism to capi­ talism — who see no evil in Castro, but sneer at President Johnson as a threat to peace. I am a tired American—who has lost all patience with that civil rights group which is showing propaganda movies on college campuses from coast to coast — movies denouncing the United States, movies made in Communist China. I am a tired American — who is angered by the self-righteous breast- beater critics in America, at home and abroad, who set impossible yard­ sticks for the United States but never apply the same standards to the French, the British, the Rus­ sians, the Chinese. * * * I am a tired American who re­ sents those who try to peddle the belief in schools and colleges that capitalism is a dirty word and that free enterprise and private initiative are only synonymous for greed. They say they hate capitalism, but they are always right at the head of the line demanding their share of the American way of life. I am a tired American—real tired of those who are trying to sell me the belief that America is not the greatest Nation in all the world—a generous-hearted Nation—a Nation dedicated to the policy of trying to help the “have nots” achieve some of the good things that our system of free enterprise brought about. I am an American who gets a lump in his throat when he hears the “ Star - Spangled Banner” and who holds back tears when he hears those chilling high notes of the brassy trumpets when Old Glory reaches the top of the flagpole. I am a tired American who thanks a merciful Lord that he was so lucky to be born an American citizen—a Nation under God, truly with mercy and justice for all. * * * And Christians, too, are tired of so-called Christian ministers who deny the Word of God, of adult and juvenile delinquents, of sin in high places and low. What our land needs is a revival to change the heart of America.— Editor. MARCH, 1966


This can be your most profitable (

attend f y | g |

Invest your vacation for the Lord ... in intensive, carefully planned classroom Bible study ... an unusual opportunity to sharpen and deepen your knowledge of God’s Word. TWO3-WEEK SESSIONS: June 20


July 8, July 11-July29

...and 2-Week “VACATION SPECIAL” July 11-July 22 In addition to the regular three- and six- week plan, Moody offers the two-week short-course program. Four courses avail­ able, two in New Testament, one in Old, and one on Prophecy Yet Unfulfilled. WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS June 20—July 8 Missionary Literature Workshop Specially planned for missionaries on fur­ lough and missionary candidates. Three main parts; (1) Writing, (2) Publishing, (3) Distribution. Fundamentals of Christian Broadcasting

This is for busy, active people . . . pastors, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, stu­ dents, laymen . . . people who recognize their personal need to enlarge and improve their effectiveness in Christian service. MBI makes available to you at this time, when so many Christians have free time, a staff of more than 40 competent instructors and specialists, in a field of more than 50 accredited subjects. This concentrated study, which ordinarily requires a full semester of Day School, can be combined with your plans for a fine, low-cost vacation in Chicago, famed for its many free facilities. Tuition is Free . .. board and room at the school as low as $22.50 per week. Enjoy Chicago this summer—Bible study in the mornings; practical Christian work, relaxa­ tion, sight-seeing in the afternoons and evenings.

WMBI facilities and staff July 11-July 29 Open Air Evangelism Open Air Campaigners' staff SPECIAL WORKSHOPS July 11-15 Management Seminar for Christian Workers July 18-23 Church Music

i r


Dept 3K6


. 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610 f WILLIAM CULBERTSON, president • S. MAXWELL C00ER, dean Please send me Summer School folder, catalog and application papers.


Name________________________________________ ___________ — ----------

Application papers must be mailed back at least ten days before the opening of session you plan to attend.




-Z iP -


D R . HA R LIN J . R O P E R ’S THROUGHTHEBIBLESTUDY — Graded-for-age-Lessons — Chapter-by-Chapter-Study of the WHOLE BIBLE QUESTIONS with BIBLE VERSES for the ANSWERS — Puzzles etc., for Hi-School, Junior, Primary — "Since using your Lessons, our Youth attendance has risen." ". . . our Adult Bible Class- quadrupled." “... this Church is on a solid foundation." FREE Samples to: Pastors, Supts., Tchrs., Y. P. Loaders THROUGH THE BIBLE PUBLISHERS 4032 Swiss Avenue * Dallas 4, Texas


by Betty Bruechert


are out to take control of Japan’s government, and so far they have been highly successful. The Society’s Komeita (clean gov­ ernment) Party vote strength has in­ creased steadily since 1955 when it entered politics by electing 90 candi­ dates to town councils throughout Japan. Its carefully studied partici­ pation in Japan’s turbulent parlia­ mentary democracy has gained it a definite third place on the national and political scene, behind only the two much older established parties. The Komeito Party’s electoral suc­ cesses largely are attributable to the Soka Gakkai faithful who turn out in droves to vote for their fellow members running for office. But it is more than that. The society appeals to the desires and fears of the little man in Japan, the millions of Japa­ nese who are unable to fit into the rigid, established society. It appeals to those who feel the pressure of a highly commercialized society, who feel personal unhappiness and mis­ fortune. These people turn to Soka Gakkai for salvation and a better life. What are the tenets of this or­ ganization ? First, it believes in the “ self-con­ tained” way of life. In other words, it operates on the principle that life is to be created and not simply found. Its stress on achieving ex­ cellence in one’s profession has drawn to it large numbers of adher­ ents who are either fed up with the rigid hierarchical character of the Japanese business world or dis­ gusted with the free-wheeling prac­ tices associated with the top politi­ cal elite among whom “money is ev­ erything.” Thus it is hardly surprising that Soka Gakkai Komeito Party cam­ paigns for better and more honest government for the little guy, tax re­ lief for low-income families and gov­ ernment subsidization of small busi­ nesses threatened by big business which are very successful in Japan where the lower classes make the cream but get to taste so little of it. But what are Soka Gakkai’s be­ liefs? Its far-flung membership is held together by belief in the teach-

We 'present without comment the following article written by Arthur J. Domm en for the Los Angeles Times, with whose kind permission we reprint same. A B u d d h is t - in s p ir e d s e c t that caught the little man’s fancy in Japan is on the move around the rest of the world — including the United States. In 10 years, the organization has attracted some 5.4 million Japanese families to its cause. It also has be­ come the third most powerful force in Japanese politics. Having taken root in Japan this group is branching out. By its own claims, it now has 49 overseas chap­ ters with 25,000 members in the United States. And the first of its temples outside Japan and American - administered Okinawa is soon to be built in the Los Angeles area, which claims 3,000 members. What is this dynamic movement called Soka Gakkai? Some claim it is fascistic. Some say it is socialistic, working for the downtrodden underdog. Still others say it is a form of militant neo- Shintoism of modern-day Japan. What is clear is that it is growing rapidly—even in the western Chris­ tian world. Behind Soka Gakkai’s growth is a tight organization whose zealous young leaders have an extra­ ordinary talent for using Commu­ nist-style discipline to achieve non- Communist purposes. Heading Soka Gakkai is Daisaku Ikeda, a well-tailored 38-year-old dy­ namo who looks and acts like an American Jaycee president. Ikeda has many plans and hopes for Soka Gakkai. For he knows that in the 10 years of its existence, the society in­ variably has made remarkable prog­ ress toward most of its state’s goals. Take for instance, its self-acknowl- edged goal of taking over the leader­ ship of Japan through democratic elections. While Buddhist leaders in South Viet Nam go to great lengths to disclaim political ambitions, Soka Gakkia leaders say bluntly that they

ATTENTION: CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, ALL ORGAN IZAT ION S • Excellent Profits • Little Effort • Effective Results

• Does Usual Tasks Better SELL SUNFLOWER DISH­ CLOTHS to Build Clubs, Churches, Help Needy, etc. Write SANGAMON MILLS, Inc. COHOES, NEW YORK 12047

$ 1 6 0 0 CONTEST for W R IT E R S OF UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPTS. Sond for contest rules and free Brochure on pub­ lishing your book. Dept. |(0 Pageant Press, 101 Fifth Avenue, New York 3

Send to Prayer Time, The King’s Business maga­ zine, 558 So. Hope, Los Angeles 17, California.

PRACTICAL MISSIONARY DENTISTRY 4-month course. Lectures and Lab­ oratory Instruction, plus Clinical Experience in Mexico under the Supervision of our Dentists.

TRAINING WITH A PURPOSE Next class starts in January

Biola School of Missionary Medicine 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. 90017



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