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men — who condemn university pro­ fessors but never pray for them. I'm alarmed at the infinitesimally small number of Christians who are carry­ ing even the smallest prayer burden for the salvation of university teach­ ers. Why is it that the body of Christ has written off as hopeless this most strategic segment of our society? Is the Holy Spirit incapable of drawing faculty men to Christ? Are Christ’s death and resurrection inadequate for the redemption of university pro­ fessors? If not, why don’t we begin to pray expectantly for a movement of the Holy Spirit and the conversion of faculty people on the universities of our country? Unfortunately, most of these peo­ ple will not attend church to hear the gospel. Therefore missionaries must go to them. Fortunately, God has al­ ready raised up a missionary society which has, as a major aim, reaching these strategic individuals for Jesus Christ. It is my privilege to be the General Director of this missionary society. (A layman in Seattle who heard me speak briefly on this ad­ mitted sheepishly, “ I’m embarrassed. I’ve lived all these years in Seattle and never once prayed for the facul­ ty at the University of Washington which is right here in town. I pray for the faculty of our church col­ lege — but never for the professors at the sta te university. You’ve opened up a whole new world to me. Im going to add them to my prayer list.” ) The readers of King’s Business constitute a powerful reservoir of prayer-potential. Accordingly, may I make two requests of you: (1) Please pray for a movement of the Holy Spirit at the universities in your state, drawing faculty mem­ bers to Jesus Christ. (2) Pray that the Lord will anoint Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and make it an effective instrument in re a ch in g these people for Christ. If you know of any born-again college professors who could collabo­ rate with us, or if you are carrying a prayer burden for any non-Chris­ tian faculty members whom you would like to have us contact, please let me have their names. I shall ask Inter - Varsity personnel to reach them. John W. Alexander, General Dir. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1519 N. Astor, Chicago, 111. 60610

Thislitleboyknows theheartachesol

LOSTHES! Hunger, abandonment, hopelessness . . . these are etched deeply into the face of this little boy pictured as he was taken into one of our Orphanage Homes. Now he, and the other children shown below—and hundreds of others—need a s p o n s o r . Imagine this wretched little waif, scrubbed and cleaned up, in warm clothing, no longer a pitiable wanderer, in school and learning about God . .. you can make all of this possible, personally, if you will become a sponsor. The cost is small, only $10 a month (that’s about 33 cents a day) . . . your sponsorship will provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care. And you will be assured that your orphan will bd brought up in an atmosphere of Christian love; all of our Korean staff members are Bible-believing Christians. Who knows, perhaps your orphan will one day, under God, grow up to be a Christian leader in this poor land.

What a privilege and blessing sponsorship of one of these orphan children will be to you—or to a group. You’ll receive a photo of the child, of the Orphanage Home, brief history, and an opportunity to enter into a relation­ ship which will bring joy and satisfaction into -your life. Do what your compassionate heart tells you to do—and do it today. The need is urgent.

In Soo (V-l)

Myung Hui (V-2) Sung Bok (V-3) Kyung Sook (V-4) Kwang Shik (V-5) Kyung Joo (V-6)

Age 9

Age 8

Age 9

Age 9

Age 12

Age 6

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om pa sM Rev. E\ Intorrtonnmii


□ Yes, I want to sponsor an orphan. My choice is________________________ If already chosen when this arrives, I agree to sponsor a similar child. I prefer □ Boy □ Girl___________ Age. With God’s help, I will send $10 a month to COMPASSION. I understand that I may dis­ continue any time. Please send child’s picture and FULL PARTICULARS. Enclosed is support for □ first month, □ one year. □ Please select a child for me and send par­ ticulars at once. □ I cannot sponsor a child now, but want to help by giving $____________ All gifts are most welcome . . . income tax deductible. □ Please send folder “How to Sponsor a Korean Orphan."

verett F. Swanson, Founder I terde o inational, Non-Profit Corporation Dept. K36 7774 Irving Pk. Rd.f Chicago, III. 60634 Ph. 456-6116 Compassion of Canada, Ltd., Box 880, Blenheim, Ontario






MARCH, 1966


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