King's Business - 1966-03

are we liv in g too la v ish ly ?

by Gunnar Hoglund

I F t h e L o r d J e s u s C h r i s t came to our homes and churches today, would He approve the lavish manner of living of many of us? What would He think of the gleaming automobiles, the expensive and frequent vacation trips, the extravagantly-built homes, the consuming passion we have adopted toward what the Scriptures call “ the things of this world” ? Many thoughtful leaders are asking: “ Is all this lavish living necessary?” Here is a young couple who have established for themselves such a high plane of living—home, car, wardrobe and such — that the monthly payments climb way out of their reach. Therefore they “ can’t afford” to tithe. For another example, consider the small-town husband and wife who are pursued by the bill col­

lectors, then find themselves engaged in a frantic race to stave off bankruptcy. He must take an additional Saturday morning job, and she a full­ time position downtown. A baby-sitter is hired to care for the youngsters. When the church comes and asks them to sponsor a youth group, they look up, exhaustion written in their faces, and confess: “We can’t find time.” They really can’t. So the youth group goes unsponsored. Materialism has a way o f showing its most sin­ ister side when the family gathers at the dinner table, nerves on edge and drained of energy. Every­ body is bone-tired. Everybody agrees that attending prayer meeting this week is out of the question. “We’re just too tuckered out.” Sunday evening at church is just as impossible; people deserve an eve­ ning of relaxation before the TV after all those



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