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ARCTIC MISSIONS, INC. Pioneering person-to-person evangelism in Alaska since 1951. Reaches Alaska for Christ through 57 missionaries in 20 centers—Bible conferences, Gospel team evangelism, camps and vacation Bible schools, a Christian High School and a native Bible Institute, 16 mm. sound color film available on offering basis. For details and literature write: Rev. John M. Gillespie, General Director P.O. Box 512, Gresham, Oregon 97030 Canadian Sunday School M ission Directing Canadian youth heavenward since 1927 through camps, daily vacation Bible schools, day school classes, home Bible clubs, Sunday schools, services, Bible memory con­ tests and correspondence courses, etc. W. G. L. McAllister, General Superintendent Head Office——Room A, 177 Lombard Ave. Winnipeg 2, Manitoba, Can. THE CHILDREN'S BIBLE MISSION, INC. P.O. Box 44, Lakeland, Florida 33802 CBM Workers in 9 states reach thousands of boys, girls and youth in schools, Bible Clubs and summer camps. Abundant oppor­ tunities for qualified workers. Write for informative literature, and inquire about our challenging sound-color film. "W in A Child and You Win A Life" What is CBFMS? A fundamental mission with almost 450 mis­ sionaries in 17 countries. • Biblically sound . . . thoroughly evangeli­ cal . . . related to churches . . . committed to faith principle of support . . . business­ like in method. • For further information write: Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society P.O. Box 5 Wheaton, Illinois EVANGELICAL MISSION TO URUGUAY, INC. Rev. Frederick V. Dabold, D.D., Director To bring God’s Word to a little known and neglected people. To p l a n t indigenous churches on Pauline principles and train National workers. A complete program of diversified evangelism:- radio, colportage, children, prison work, open air, etc. Write for free literature P.O. Box 1353-K Fort Pierce, Florida 33451 HOME OF ONESIPHORUS Celebrating 50 years of evangelical faith mis­ sion work in 1966. Rescues, trains orphans and refugee children in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Jordan. Full time missionary staff in each home. Ask for FREE copies of Harvester— stories of Chinese and Arab Christians. Rep­ resentative available. GEORGE E. HEDBERG, President Dept. 11, 3939 N. Hamlin, Chicago, III. 60618 THE LIFE MESSENGERS A literature for missions ministry. Evangeli­ cal, interdenominational, reaching the lost through distribution of story-form booklets since 1944. "Here’s How*’ booklets printed in 44 languages, 47 countries — over 36 million copies. For FREE literature on mis­ sionary plan, plus FREE booklet samples— write to: Ray W. Johnson, President Dept. KMD, Box 1967 Seattle, Wash. 98111 MILLION TESTAMENTS CAMPAIGN, INC. Mr. & Mrs. George T. B. Davis, Co-Directors Jews being saved in many lands through our Prophecy New Testaments in many lan­ guages. Our Hebrew Testaments reaching many Jews in the land of Israel. You can help by your prayers and gifts. News Bul­ letin and Prayer Card free upon request. 1505 Race Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19102

Missionary Carlson leads his

in prayer.

The Paul Carlson Story

A Film Review by Bill Ehmann

himself for a career in medicine. In a position of economic secu­ rity and promising fame, he real­ ized that God was calling him to the Congo. No amount of earthly fortune could have replaced the peace of God that was his when he began his missionary career with these people. Through the words o f family, friends, colleagues, and a U.S. Government official, this film shows Dr. Carlson as a husband, father and brother; as co-worker, student, and friend. More than this, he is seen as a churchman, witness and martyr. His life marked him as one who held the

I am a prisoner. I am a pris­ oner to the people of the Congo who have never heard about Jesus Christ; to the woman who for the sixth time has endured the pain of childbirth, but who has never felt the joy of seeing her child grow to maturity. I am a prisoner to the man whose phys­ ical stature is marked by malnu­ trition and starvation.” With these words, Paul Carl­ son, a surgeon held in highest es­ teem, explained the purpose for which he labored as a missionary doctor in the Congo. Along with his family, he lived a life of sacri­ fice and devotion while preparing



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