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• A completely new series of one and two bedroom units • Fully air conditioned (heated and re­ frigerated) • Lease available completely furnished or unfurnished • Complete recreational facilities , club house and chapel • Three miles from center of Phoenix. New shopping centers close to door for a descriptive brochure, write: SHARON GARDENS 3025 West McDowell Road Phoenix, Arizona

Workers of the Union Bible Institute on their way to Sunday School in the African township. R e a l i z i n g that the future of of Africa rests in the prep­

U.B.I. was founded in 1941 by four evangelical missionary so­ cieties. In March 1942, the first buildings were dedicated with 21 students from 13 denominations and missions being enrolled. Since then the growth and development has been steady, especially since the women’s division, formerly in Swaziland, completed its move to Sweetwaters in February 1964. Miss Gurzi is one of the two in­ structors in the women’s divi­ sion, being assisted by an addi­ tional African housemother who is the wife of one of the faculty members. The prescribed course requires three years to complete, with instruction given in Zulu and additional lectures in Eng-

aration of national workers who can spiritually guide and influence their nation, the interdenomina­ tional Union Bible Institute was founded in Sweetwaters, Natal South Africa. One of Biola’s graduates, Katherine Gurzi, of tunity of working in this distinc­ tive ministry which this year the class of ’55, has the oppor- has an enrollment of 42 women and 72' men. The educational center is dedicated to the task of teaching the Word of God to those who in turn will be able to teach others also, as the sug­ gested Scriptural setting is given in II Timothy 2 :2.

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LANDS OF THE BIBLE Italy, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel. Extension available any­ where in Europe. 5 DEPARTURES— Mar. 21, June 6 Aug. 1, Oct. 10, Oct. 17. 22 days (NY to NY) only $1255.00 All expenses included plus extras. Deluxe and superior Hotels Christ-centered program under the direc­ tion of Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, Dr. Lloyd T. Anderson and other outstanding Bible teachers. EUROPE OUR CAMPUS — Christian Study Tour may be taken for credit. 51 days $1355.00. Dr. J. O. Henry, Chairman Social Sciences Division, Biola College. Departs July 7. TOUR LEADERS: Learn how you can or­ ganize your own group. Qualified inquiries invited. Write Today— UNUSUAL TOUtS, P.O. Box 524« Buena Park, California Check Information requested: □ Bible Lands Tours □ Europe Our Campus Name.............. ................................. Address................................... Dept..................................................

Union Bible Institute student body of 1965.



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