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DISCOURAGED? E ditor ’ s N ote : The following is a per­ sonal letter written by Mrs. Lyman Stewart to one who had to undergo the discouragement and suffering of illness. Its message was so practical we felt our readers would like to share it. D ear F riend : I sent you yesterday, from our Biola Book Room, a copy of Rose From Brier.* To me, this is one of the loveliest books ever written. I love it dearly. It was written while the author was suffering intense pain and laid aside from the work she loved so well. I have been thinking of you so much lately, and praying that your new-found faith in the Lord may shine out in this testing time. I know it isn’t easy to be laid up and to suf­ fer physical pain, but perhaps God allowed this to come to you in order that you might “ show forth His glory.” It isn’t hard to have a testi­ mony for God when all is well, but it is a real triumph and victory to praise and be uncomplaining in test­ ing times. After all, “ our light af­ fliction” is “ but for a moment” (II Cor. 4:17, 18), compared to the eter­ nity which is before us. How glad we shall be then if we have lived vic­ toriously here when things were hard! I don’t recall whether I spoke to you the other day of my plan of liv­ ing just one day at a time. It has often seemed to me that I grow in spiritual things so slowly and I get very impatient with myself. But now I am learning just to live a day at a time with God. My year verse is, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). At the beginning of the day, I ask the Lord to make this true in my life today, and to enable me to remember His “ grace is suffi­ cient” today; to help me to remem­ ber tha t “ I am crucified with Christ” and that “ Christ liveth in me,” today; and to enable me to show forth His grace by my words and deeds; that He Himself may “ keep the door of my lips” ; that He may guard even my thoughts, make me unselfish, patient and loving, “ just for today.” You try it, and see if it doesn’t work! I’m sure it will. God bless you richly. *“ Rose From Brier” is by Amy Car­ michael.

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