King's Business - 1966-03

A year's meditations in the company o f Christ

Stanley Taylor, vice president of Films for Christ Association, Peoria, Illinois, has announced the release of the Spanish version of the award­ winning motion picture “ Call of the Navajo.” M is s io n a r ie s in Latin America anticipate wide usage for this picture which tells the story of Ashkee, an Indian boy studying to become a medicine man. Accused of stealing a valuable silver belt from the trading post, he comes to the missionary for help. After a series of misfortunes, he is converted, and attends mission school, planning to continue on to college and then re­ turning to his people with the mes­ sage of Jesus Christ. The film is available to missions on a lease basis. Further information may be ob­ tained by writing Films for Christ, 1204 North Elmwood, Peoria, Illi­ nois. John Haywood, British missionary to Vietnam w ith the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, was shot to death by Viet Cong who ambushed a convoy in the mountains north of Da Nang. Mr. Haywood and his wife were in charge of the mission’s lep­ rosy program there. Ken McVety, director of Word of Life Press and TEAM missionary in Japan, has stated that the initial response to the new Japanese New Testament has been utterly over­ whelming. Advance orders swallowed up the first 25,000 copies before they were received from the bindery and the second 25,000 copies were sold within 60 days after their re­ ceipt. A new order for 50,000 copies has been placed with the printers. This revised Japanese New Testa­ ment is the work of 40 Japanese scholars, sponsored jointly by the Lockman Foundation and the Japan Bible Publishers. The sales campaign for the New Testament was launched in a series of rallies in which Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, president of Biola College, La Mirada, California, brought timely messages on “Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God.” The rallies were co-ordinated with a nationwide advertising pro­ gram which reached into some of Japan’s largest n ew spapers and magazines.

Open this Bible, and its quality tells you immediately — Oxford SINCE 1675, THE CRITERION BY WHICH FINE BIBLES ARE JUDGED Craftsmanship, design, paper, type, binding — quality in all these identifies an Oxford Bible, regardless of price. Oxford adds the extra ingredient, learned in nearly three centuries of pub­ lishing Bibles: care. The Bible shown above is typical, a Bible to give with confidence, to own with pride. 04433x —Red Letter Concord­ ance edition of the Authorized King James Version. With 100,000 chain references, maps, Family Record. French Mo­ rocco, half circuit, simulated leather lining, round comers, gold edges. Easy-td-read Brevier type on Ultrathiit Oxford India paper. 5 x VA x Only $9.95 Ask to see Bible 04433x and other fine Oxford Bibles, wherever good books are sold OXFORD

FiveDims whi theMaster

From a recognized master in the field, the Rev. R. E. O. White, comes a new and beautiful contribution to personal devotions. Brief daily meditations, which include selected passages from Scrip­ ture and the author’s own clear and forceful prose, are organized into fifty- two weekly themes, reflecting the Holy days of the Christian calendar and the changing sea son s o f the year. Five Minutes with the Master is dignified and attractive in appearance, with a deluxe leather-like cover and a convenien t bound-in silk marker. It is an ideal gift choice as well as a spiritually rewarding personal companion. $3.95

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