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JULY 2019



A s the intake paralegal and administrative assistant, I am often the first point of contact clients have with Marks Law Group. When someone comes into our office, it might be during one of the worst seasons of their life. I enjoy getting to work with them through that season and making the experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. While I’m not always their main point of contact, I let clients know that if they ever need anything, they can call me. I’m a paralegal by trade and have done paralegal work for almost 20 years, but I’ve worked in other fields as well. Looking back, I can see bits and pieces of each of my previous work experiences in my current job. After I graduated from high school, I didn’t know exactly what career path I wanted to follow, but I knew I wanted to help people. I even thought about becoming a teacher, but I chose to be a paralegal because I didn’t think I had the patience. It's ironic because being patient with others is a large part of my job today, on top of having to be patient as a parent too. I found that I have a talent for helping people as a paralegal, and I did that for many years. After my mother suffered from a stroke and a heart attack, I resigned from my job and became her care giver once she was released from the hospital. During one of my mother’s doctor visits, her physician asked if I would be interested in working for her nonprofit organization, Triumph Over Diabetes. I’ve always had a desire to help the underdog, and working for a nonprofit seemed like a good way to live that out. I worked at Triumph Over Diabetes for a few years until a lack of funding had me seeking work elsewhere. Working

for a nonprofit had reinstilled in me a desire to help people, and I wanted to find a workplace where I felt like I was making a difference. I had a good feeling about Marks Law Group when I interviewed here. Aaron does a lot to support the community and other organizations as well. Knowing that I’m helping in such a tangible way makes my job feel fulfilling and less like work. As I said before, clients come to our firm at a difficult time in their lives. They’re frustrated, so I let them vent and explain their situation, then I offer them comfort and kind words to reassure them that Marks Law Group has their best interest in mind. Above everything, I want our clients to know that I’m there for them, even after the intake process is finished and they start working with attorneys and other paralegals. Every day isn’t just about doing my job. It’s about doing my job well and taking pride in my work. Outside of work, my daughter and I own a dessert company, I’m the secretary at my church, and I am the co-owner of my husband’s production company. That, along with being a mother and a grandmother, certainly keeps me busy. I’ve learned how to prioritize and rest well when I can, and the

patience and pride in a job well-done that I’ve garnered as a paralegal are evident in my life outside the firm. If ever you find yourself at Marks Law Group in need of an attorney, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you feel appreciated. –Tunica Coats

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