11 Safety Questions To Answer

11 Safety Questions You Need to Answer for New Employees According to the California Department of Labor Statistics and Research, workers in food-processing plants have a higher likeli- hood of being hurt on the job than workers in many other industries. 1 Most new employees don’t understand the risks of injury associated with working in a food processing plant when they apply for a job — especially if it is their first time working in the food processing industry. Often, they don’t even know the right questions to ask to be prepared for the risks.

Here are 10 safety questions you should answer for every new employee.

During the Interview 2 : • What are the potential safety risks of the job? • Is job safety training available? • What are my responsibilities regarding health and safety? • What safety equipment do I need to do my job (and what equipment is my responsibility to provide)? • Do I need to wear personal protective equipment? First Day on the Job 2 : • Review questions answered during the interview process. • Who is responsible for answering safety related questions? • What do I do in case of fire or another emergency? • In case I notice something wrong, to whom should I report it? • What do I do if I get injured or have an accident? • Where do I find fire extinguishers, first aid kits, first aid rooms, and emergency assistance? • How do I shut off processing equipment in the case of an emergency?

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