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the claims process

1. Automated Fraud Detection “Fraud in insurance is victimless.”

do the work for us to ensure your claim is assigned immediately to the most qualified adjuster to prevent additional delays later in the process. You and your agent can report specific collision causes (backing up, changing lanes, etc.) or loss types (hail, fire, flying objects, etc.). Identifying the severity of the damage or injuries up front will help determine where to best route the claim. 3. iPad Technology Damaged roofs are no fun – for either the policyholder or the claims adjuster. Climbing steep, worn rooftops is not only dangerous, but leaves little room for sudden movement and extra baggage. This year, Germania piloted the use of Apple iPad® tablets complete with a protective case and cross-body shoulder strap to inspect damage associated with a claim, particularly on rooftops. The success of the trial run was so overwhelmingly positive that all Germania field adjusters are now using the tablets as their main estimating tool. This mobile technology is used in conjunction with an adjuster’s laptop and mobile phone to generate estimates in real time, increasing efficiency and accuracy. In addition to field work, our in-office adjusters will also have the ability to use the iPad as an interactive tool to connect with our customers. Most importantly, we hope to make the claims process as seamless as possible for you – from incident to settlement.

This common myth can be challenged by the fact that insurers devote large amounts of money and manpower to detect fraud, resulting in a drain on a company’s resources and increased insurance rates as a whole. In this day and age, not only has the number of cases for insurance fraud exponentially increased but also the sophistication in which it is conducted. Gone are the days of manual investigations into fraudulent activity. Germania has recently entered into the realm of predictive analytics to automatically flag claims that have predictors of potential fraud. Claims are automatically referred to Germania’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) for review, expediting an otherwise prolonged process. While we still depend on our claim partners to identify indicators and make manual referrals, this technology allows claims without merit to be intercepted before settlement. 2. Database Enhancements The insurance claims process involves a series of procedures from the time your agent is alerted to when a settlement is made. The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is the first step in this process and is crucial in kicking off an efficient claims cycle. Germania has made several technical enhancements to its database to ensure complete and accurate FNOL data has been entered from the start. Our system will

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