West African Nations - 2012

PRINCIPE The whole island is only 50 square miles of the 372 claimed for the whole country. Even more surprising is the fact that the only thing on the island is the Bon Bon Resort and the hut homes of the folks who work there -- about 5000 people in all. We woke to a very drizzly day when we were supposed to visit this part of the country but it cleared by the time we arrived and began our activities.

The resort is quite nice and gets tourists from Europe, mostly Portuguese and French people. We decided to join the birding group on this day but found it rather unsatisfying because the foliage is so thick and tropical that it was very difficult to see the birds being pointed out. We were happy to see African Grey parrots flying in large flocks over our heads and it made us remember our own two grays, Catherine and Ivan, with pleasure at their antics and ability to mimic so many sounds -- especially laughter and alarms, such as clocks, the burglar system, the timer on the stove and the phone ringing.


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