West African Nations - 2012

Cotonou Strangely enough, however, the port at Cotonou appeared to our eyes to be more prosperous and progressive than Douala’s had struck us. The city is bustling and plagued by congested traffic of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses, all battling for space to move. Instead, the traffic stream does not stream at all--it crawls to the tune of honking, the pungent smell of gas and diesel, endless lines of vehicles almost stalled, and the look of frustration on every driver’s face.

To make the scene more chaotic and even more congested, there are tiny ramshackle little huts that comprise most of the commercial activity lining every street. It’s hard to see how the proprietors and customers survive a day since the vehicles crowd so close to them. These conditions would prevail in every country we visited on this trip. Although we failed to find any other Obama Hair Salons!



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