West African Nations - 2012

The Sacred Forest of Voodoo Voodoo is another draw which Quidah exerts on tourists. The museum also outlines the importance of this religious practice to West Africans at home and once they were transported across the Atlantic. The religion remained particularly strong among those slaves who were sent to Brazil, Haiti and other Caribbean islands. The traditions and beliefs helped the slaves to retain their culture and their identity in their new and alien surroundings.

The Sacred Forest of Voodoo is also in Quidah and our visit to this mango grove forest included a chance to meet a voodoo priest and two nuns. Scattered among the huge mango trees (unfortunately for me, fully in bloom) were many wooden statures of spirits and deities sacred to the religion. Most of them were quite grotesque in appearance, as if their main function is to frighten the people. Some of the statues look more modern than others since they are made of pieces of steel and other kinds of scrapmetal.


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