West African Nations - 2012

There are more similarities than differences among these West African countries and the continued deforestation and desertification is one of the most important of the likenesses. These is considerable poaching as well so the wildlife of the area is threatened by the bushmeat trade and the slash and burn agricultural practices and the cutting of trees for charcoal for fuel. As a matter of fact, if we had not sailed away from Benin, we would have easily believed we were still in that country. Could Lome be lifted up and put down in Benin, it would have fit in perfectly. There were the same roadside stands, hot dusty streets, garbage spread out everywhere and anywhere, a small heavily fenced and guarded section where the government officials and rich folks live, and so many skinny and pitiful dogs poking their noses here and there in a constant search for something to eat.

St. Marie School


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