West African Nations - 2012

Our guides told us that the Togoans are apparently very little interested in education for their children, especially the girls. This school is an exception to the rule since it seemed to have more girls enrolled than boys. Our local guide said the big problem is that men take too many wives and there are too many children with no individual or state economic base to support them. However, it must also be admitted that if the men did not marry several women, the women would be in desperate straits. There is virtually no citizen pressure exerted on the government to improve the educational system in the country. Visit Voodoo Village Our next visit in this sad country was to a voodoo village where an important ceremony of some sort was in progress. We were assured that this was NOT something staged for tourists; it is part of village life. As we walked into the village center, we were greeted by rhythmic drumming, sticks being struck on anything handy, chanting, and the slippery whispery sound of feet making patterns in the dust.

When we arrived, we saw the women dancing in their sarongs with white patterns chalky on their dark skins, their buttocks pushed backward and their shoulders forward shrugging in unison with the insistent rhythms around them.


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