West African Nations - 2012

Computers. These signs are also seen in the names of schools, public buildings, painted on boats and taxis; so we presume this is a reflection of the Evangelical Protestant religious majority in the country (more than 69% of the country are members of these denominations). There are about 15% Roman Catholics, 16% Muslims, and the rest are adherents of the indigenous religions. Accra is the capital city, the main port, and the center of government and all its agencies. It has a population over 4,000,000 people and suffers the same crowded conditions as all of Africa’s fast growing cities. Shia Hills Preserve We were able to get out into the countryside in Ghana for a visit to the Shia Hills Preserve where we saw a new (to us) species of antelope, the kob. He is a large animal with a unique courting and breeding pattern. The males establish a “lek” (like grouse in the US) where they surround themselves with the females they have been able to round up and then challenge any male who tries to enter the area. A male will fight to maintain his position until he is beaten by a younger and stronger rival. A male usually manages to stay in control about 3 years at most. Seems Mother Nature wanted to insure fresh infusions of genes into the population.



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