West African Nations - 2012

The kob is a floodplain antelope. Males weigh about 200 lbs. and stand 40 inches tall, while the females weigh about 140 pounds and stand 36 inches. Both sexes have S-shaped horns which are heavily ridged and measure from 16 to 27 inches in length.

In Shia Hills most predators have been eliminated so the kob is flourishing here and may end up overpopulating its

territory because there is no population control.

Besides wonderful birding in the Preserve, there was another feature of interest--caves where native peoples lived to hide from slavers. The caves are natural formations and there is still evidence of human habitation in them--soot from cooking & warming fires, pictures etched in the walls, and various kinds of debris like bones, seeds, and shells. Aburi Botanical Gardens When we left Shia Hills, we were driven to an inner city preserve called the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Most of us were interested in the birds and mammals that the Garden shelters and we were not disappointed. The photographers had ample chances to film birds around a large lake area where there were feeders and plenty of cover for shyer creatures. The green turaco excited the most interest among the photographers and most were able to get good pictures of this rarely seen bird. The Gardens also were home to three varieties of monkey, all of which we were able to see and “shoot” for later viewing at home: the green vervet, the red colobus, and the red patta monkey were all active and easy to see and document. We stood about watching and laughing at their antics for a long time.


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