West African Nations - 2012

Krobo area Our next activity on this day in Ghana was a visit to the Krobo (name of a tribe) area to see an example of a commercial recycling activity. It was started by one family and has resulted in jobs for many people, a fairly high standard of living for the family, a business which caters to tourists and helps the local peoples. This little miracle is called the Cedi Bead Factory.

The grandfather of this family developed a process for melting down old glass bottles, shards of colored glass, and other waste glass he could find. After reducing the glass to powder, he added water to mix the powder and then used molds to shape various sizes of beads. Then the molds were fired in a very hot kiln, made from old termite mounds (talk about recycling!) to create multicolored and patterned beads based on the colors in the original glass bits used.



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