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Pinpointing The Cause Of Your Pain


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Pinpointing The Cause Of Your Pain

Sometimes it happens when a pain develops that you can immediately identify the cause. A new pair of shoes may cause a sharp pain in your heel, or an old chair at work may cause your back to grow sore and uncomfortable as time goes on. But there are other situations in which pain develops, and the cause of the pain is unclear. Different types of bodily pain can tell you different things about your body and overall bodily health. Sometimes, a pain in your arm or your leg may have little to nothing to do with an actual issue in your arm or leg. Physical therapists are like well-trained detectives when it comes to identifying the causes of pain. A physical therapist knows the way that the

nervous system works, making it possible to identify the potential causes of pain, even if the pain is manifesting itself in an unusual or seemingly inexplicable way. Whether you are suffering from pain in your head, your back, your neck or anywhere else in your body, working with a physical therapist can help you find the relief you are looking for. Physical therapists are trained in identifying and treating the cause of your pain, giving you the opportunity to shift away from the ongoing use of pain medication and instead find relief from your pain with a series of strategies that include stretching, muscle building and flexibility training.

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Understanding Your Pain

so describing your pain appropriately may be helpful in determining the best treatment methods for your body’s needs. • What do you think may be causing the pain? Of course, it happens that a pain will develop, and you are dumbfounded as to why, but more often than not, there is something that you think could be influencing it. If the pain started around the same time as a change in environment or life circumstances, then it is worth telling your physical therapist about the association. Another thing to consider about your pain is whether or not it develops at particular times of the day or year. There are plenty of situations when someone begins to experience pain when the weather starts to change, and it turns out that the pain is a result of arthritis and inflammation. There are other situations in which the pain will develop as a result of prolonged sitting or the opposite — such as when things get crazy at home or at work, and you find that you are not getting as much sleep as usual. Considering any changes in your daily habits or environmental factors can be very helpful in determining what is causing your pain. Regardless of where your pain is, how long you’ve been dealing with it, or how intense the pain feels, the smart thing to do when pain develops is to speak with a physical therapist. Working with a physical therapist can help you finally get a step ahead of your pain, finding treatment options that are designed to provide you with long-term relief instead of temporary relief from medication.

When you meet with a physical therapist to understand where your pain may be coming from, one of the first things you’ll do is have a conversation aboutyourpain.How longyou’vebeenexperiencingpain,where itdeveloped and how the pain manifests itself are all very important distinctions that can help shed some light on what may be causing your discomfort. Here are a few things you may want to consider before heading into physical therapy: • Consider exactly where the pain occurs in your body, and research what the different parts of the body are called so that you can have an accurate and helpful conversation about your pain. For example, back pain has a lot of different differentiations, and lumbar pain (which is in the lower back) is frequently caused by factors different from what would cause upper-back or neck pain. • How does the pain feel when it develops? Is it a lingering ache? Is it a sharp stab? Is it more of a tingling feeling? Each of these sensations are actually associated with different types of problems,

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LUNGE WALK Take a big step forward with your front knee positioned over your toe. Drop the back knee toward the ground. Pull yourself forward using the front leg. Repeat, alternating legs for 8 steps with each leg.

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Patient Success Spotlight “Everyone here is great! ”

“I had a great experience at FYZICAL. When I came in I had severe back pain all the time. Now I can move better and go back to doing most of my workouts. I walk the park daily and can perform some lifts that I couldn’t do prior to therapy, all with minimal discomfort. Jocelyn is very understanding and informative. She made me feel very comfortable and was sensitive to my pain. Everyone here is great!” - Marie M.

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Meet The Staff Staff Spotlight

4 5 1 Experience and Specialties • Spine utilizing Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, MDT 7 3 6 5 • Certified Balance Specialist – Level 3 7


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1 8 Dr. Jennifer Brester, DPT, Cert MDT, Clinical Director


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7 2 Jennifer has been a part of our company for several years during her journey to becoming a therapist. She had an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Australia during her undergraduate career and is determined to make it back there one day! Jennifer isworkingonhercompletionof theMcKenzie Institutecertification 6 8 4

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• Vestibular Rehabilitation

5 program to further her knowledge in regards to spine and extremity issues. She is also currently the vestibular rehabilitation therapist in our Bristol location. Currently, she is being trained through FYZICAL for work in balance disorders utilizing our new equipment for body weight support system. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys traveling and hiking with her dog. 4 9 8 7

5 1 • Sports Rehabilitation 8 6 5 • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation




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