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JULY 2020

THE BEST FRIEND A KID COULD HAVE Celebrating National Gorgeous Grandma Day

id you know that July 23 is Gorgeous Grandma Day? I’d never heard of this holiday before, but I’m so glad it exists, and I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you all about my amazing grandma, Clara Sherman.

Grandma Clara is my maternal grandmother, and she’s been an integral part of my life since I was born. We lived with Grandma and Grandpa Sherman at several points in my life, so I spent a great deal of time with my grandma. For the longest time, I called her my best friend. She showed tremendous interest in me and was always so kind to me. Grandma was someone I could run to when my sister and I were bickering or (of course) if I wanted to get away with something my parents wouldn’t let me do. One thing Grandma really helped me with was my education. Even before I started formal school, she would write down math problems for me to solve and play different brain-training games with me. I loved to leaf through her encyclopedia set (our “internet” back then!) and find interesting topics to quiz her on. I specifically remember quizzing her about where tornadoes came from, which turned into asking why we didn’t have tornadoes where we lived (Chicago) and what we would do if a tornado ever came along. She always took the time to listen patiently and answer each of my questions until I had no more. There is a story my awesome Grandpa Sherman loves to tell about how one day, when I first started school, I came home in tears. I ran straight to Grandma and said, “My teacher told me that when you’re older than 50, you’re old enough to die. You and Grandpa are older than 50! I don’t want you to die!” Now, I have no idea why this conversation took place at school, or even if my teacher really said this, but that’s certainly how I interpreted it. While my feelings were serious to me at the time, my grandparents thought it was hilarious and — after calming me down — they used it as an opportunity to explain what death is and how it was nothing to fear.

Grandma celebrated her 79th birthday on May 30, and she is nowhere close to slowing down. She spends most of her time visiting Georgia, where my mom, sister, my sister's two children, and my uncles live. My sister’s son, Tyler, is 11 now, and it is special to see how close he is with Grandma. Amazingly, his relationship with Grandma is similar to the relationship I had with her when I was his age. She’s certainly his best friend now. In fact, every time Tyler comes out to Colorado to visit us, Grandma flies out here with him. And when she comes to visit us alone, Tyler calls her every morning and night to share what he is up to, tell her how much he misses her, and ask when she is coming back to him in Georgia. It says so much about Grandma that she’s been able to have close relationships like this three times: first with her own three children, then with me and my sister, and now with her four great-grandchildren. She is a remarkable woman bursting with love, and she never lets a day pass without finding something to laugh about and making others laugh, too.

Grandma, my family and I thank you for everything. You're gorgeous inside and out, and we love you!.

–Myles Johnson



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