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A Responsible New Year Adventure Is Waiting Wreaths Across America

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Fun Activities to Do in the City of Alexandria! D o you have a family gathering coming up, maybe a family reunion, or even an office gathering with your colleagues? How about hosting a scavenger hunt in the City of Alexandria? to complete a few fun challenges and document themwith a photo or video. Our challenges from the night included: take a photo in front of the best window display, take a photo with the tallest Christmas tree, and sing a Christmas carol inMarket Square.

Recently, the Campbell Wealth Team participated in a small scavenger hunt organized by our CFO, KimCampbell. It began at the Campbell WealthOffice, with a clue that led us to a specific business on or near King Street inOld Town Alexandria.

The most rewarding part of this experience was that each team

was given $100 to give back to the community. There were no restrictions on who or where the donations were handed out to, so each teammade that decision spontaneously during the scavenger hunt. It was a simple act of generosity that was unbelievably rewarding.

Each clever clue lead us to a new location, where another clue had been left with the businesses’ staff (all of whom were so happy to participate in this fun adventure). The seventh and final location was a restaurant where we enjoyed dinner with the team and our spouses. Throughout our adventure to each location, we needed

If you would like to know the clues, locations, and challenges, please feel free to reach out and we will offer that information to you. We hope you will incorporate this into your next group activity. Please enjoy a few of the photos from our scavenger hunt!

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