City Lights Oct.

Public Welcome! Band will really get the party started at 7:30 pm leading up to “No Parking On The Dance Floor” and other Top 40 Hits performed by 80’s recoding arƟst, MIDNIGHT STAR at 8:30 pm . Remote parking and free shuƩle will be available at DC3 church beginning at 4pm. For more informaƟon go to or call 972.230.9648. The DeSoto Arts Commission is hosƟng a special VIP Experience at 6:30 pm featuring a Meet N’ Greet with members of the Midnight Star band, appeƟzers, drinks, and reserved seaƟng in the Outdoor Amphitheater for the Midnight Star concert. Tickets for this event are $35 and only 75 will be sold. Go to to purchase VIP Experience Ɵckets or call 972.230.9648 for more informaƟon. All other seaƟng for the concerts and acƟviƟes is free and available on first come basis. Cosponsor DeSoto Arts Live! Celebrates The Visual Arts with: ● An expanded ArƟst’s Row featuring booths with local visual arƟsts selling and displaying their work ● Visual arƟsts parƟcipaƟng in the Plein Air compeƟƟon capturing the sites and images of the event as they paint on‐site ● A breath‐taking demonstraƟon of spray paint art provided by Cosmo Universal Art at 5 pm DeSoto Arts Live! Celebrates Dance with: ● A Dance Party on the Green from 2 to 6 pm in the plaza in front of the Corner Theatre ● Trinity ChrisƟan School’s Drumline will get the dance party started at 2 pm ● Followed by a free Zumba demonstraƟon, and line dancers ● And a special performance at 4 pm on the “green” by Bandan Koro African Drummers and Dancers. ● Kid’z Zone Stage featuring L Jay doing Karaoke all day, the Hip‐Hop Gospel sounds of TROMP at 2 pm and the R&B and NeoSoul of Elise Amara at 5 pm ● On the Main Amphitheater Stage enjoy great George Strait‐style Country Music performed by DeSoto’s own singing cowboy, Joe King , at 1 pm , followed by the hot sounds of LaƟn Fire at 3 pm ● You’ll want to be sure to have a great spot at the Amphitheater Stage beginning at 6:30 pm to hear Celebrity the Comedian, followed by the winner of the Beneath the Star Poetry Contest. The InspiraƟon DeSoto Arts Live! Celebrates Various Genres of Music on two stages with:


211 E. Pleasant Run Road


Noon to 10 PM

7 am


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