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Chairman ’ s Column Ivan Hankins, NCWM Chairman — State of Iowa

2021 Issue 3

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in the Weights and Measures field. But what does it mean? Well… past NCWM Chairman Hal Prince talked about the “New Normal” and out of that new normal some inequities have become a little more noticeable. I don’t like the idea (nor should you) that equity is now based on what you don’t get. You are now under the pretense that you’re getting a full measure, but it’s not based on a measurable standard. For example, terminology like “a full bottle” has replaced an actual measure, gallon, lb., etc. A full measure has been replaced by the fill, bucket full, truck load, etc. But the one that really sticks out is “we give you the product for free; all you pay is a service charge of $40”. Really?! That’s fair? Obviously they haven’t heard of Method of Sale! I don’t like the idea of anyone being cheated, but it seems (in some cases) being cheated… for the sake of convenience, is ok! I don’t agree. That’s not equity, that more like marketing! So what do we do about it? One thing I’d like to see accomplished in my short year is a national survey on issues that were just mentioned. As we speak, NCWM and NIST are working on the details for just that. Liquid petroleum grill bottles, and Method of Sale for refills are being looked at for our first effort. More will be coming out on this soon.

Dear NCWM Members, My association with NCWM has been since 2008, with the CWMA since 1994. And as mentioned in my Chairman’s Address at our NCWM Annual Meeting in Rochester, I have been in the Weights and Measures field with the state of Iowa for 36 years. Also, I have the privilege to be the first Chairman in the 116 year history of NCWM to be from Iowa! I am a Weights and Measures Inspector and proud of it. Even if Program Planner is my technical title. That combination helps me stay “balanced” between the real world and the administrative world. I have had discussions with many people in the weights and measures field on how the NCWM should be counducted, or what it should be doing. I heard some great ideas and good thoughts for the future of the NCWM. Not everyone will agree on how that should be accomplished, but it gives us a platform to jump from to get started. Having a good idea is the easy part, getting started and finishing... not so much. My theme for the year is “For the Sake of Equity!” It is a simple statement that should resonate with anyone

NCWM Headquarters 1135 M Street, Suite 110 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 P. 402.434.4880 F. 402.434.4878 E. info@ncwm.com W. www.ncwm.com Don Onwiler Executive Director Darrell Flocken NTEP Administrator Mike Manheim NTEP Specialist Allen Katalinic NTEP Evaluator Elisa Stritt Meeting Planner Tyler Reeder Project Coordinator

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little more input. We eventually plan on doing the same for other devices and inspection processes. Something we’ve been faced with over the years is that the NCWM is always trying to catch up to issues which should have been on our agenda and discussed years ago. We have one such issue now: Cannabis. Based on the five categories the work groups are working on, it should be possible to have a “cannabis handbook” assembled by the next cycle. This handbook will be targeted at weights and measures officials and cannabis authorities alike. Other than a couple of issues most of the work has been done, and should be ready for a vote by July 2022. Thank you all for your attention to this article. My plan is to be at all the regional meetings this fall, so there’s a good possibility you’ll see/hear this material again. “That Equity May Prevail”

I would like to start an annual “Chairman’s Project” …something related to Weights & Measures that involves the inspector. It goes without saying, inspectors are the ones who sees this the most and want to do something about it. If you think about it, there are so many issues out there that are in need of attention… For the Sake of Equity. In addition, the NCWM has put together a Field Training Manual for RMFD (i.e, Gas pumps). We’ve used the appropriate sections of Handbook 44 and Handbook 130 dealing with retail motor fuel inspections, plus General Code, Fundamental Considerations, and inspection procedures based on the most current edition of EPO 112. We wanted to establish a working manual that wasn’t Handbook 44, (yet it is, just not as big). One of the most daunting things when training a new inspector is doing it out of Handbook 44. Trainees can get lost and overwhelmed by all the information. With this reduced size ield manual, readers will have all the info necessary for training. And it won’t take two guys to carry allowing them to rely on ONE book not THREE! They will be available in hard copy, or digital format. There are a few circulating around and we’re waiting for feedback. I just want to get a

How do you reach weights and measures professionals? Advertise in NCWM-News! www.ncwm.com/advertise

Comparing Price & Quantity Weights andMeasures Inspectors test packages to verify net quantity based on the labeled contents. This allows consumers to compare price and quantity with confidence, knowing that they are getting what they pay for at the supermarket. Contact your local Weights and Measures Authority with questions or concerns.

2 NCWM-News

2021 Issue 3

NCWM Welcomes New Members (5/1/2021 - 8/20/2021)

Amazon Mohamed Ngm Basculas y Accesorios de Peso SA de CV Angel Jesus Castillo Aldape Bella V Marketing Ronda VanBuren Belmont County Weights and Measures Cindi Henry Bucks County Weights & Measures Kyle Hanes C&W Meter Service William Scott CA Dept of Food and Agriculture Citalli Vega Cattaraugus County DPW Austin Kimes City of Medford Michael Malerba Colorado Department of Agriculture Andrew Shopes Colusa County Department of Agriculture M. Anastacia Allen Curbside Laundries, LLC Aaron Simmons CynDes Solutions James Eaton Dibal S.A. Eduardo Lopez Emerson Jeff Foster Ever Fresh Fruit Company Kurt Williams

Fairbanks Scales Devin Holland

Minnesota Department of Weights and Measures Brandon Barton Montana Bureau of Weights and Measures Jason Kelly Nebraska FSCP- Weights and Measures Amador Rangel Chris Uglow Nevada Department of Agriculture Jim Wright New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture Russell Verploegh Caily Woods NIST, Office of Weights and Measures Shelby Bowers Dr. Katrice Lippa Northwest Meter Service LLC Matthew Moss Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Gary Smith Pelstar LLC James Sprutta Precision Solutions, Inc. Jeanette Filipowicz

San Diego County Weights and Measures

Austin Shepherd Scientech, Inc. Todd Buman Seneca Tank, Inc. Paul Wray

Flex-O-Glass, Inc. Christopher Warp FOSS North America Stephen Nenonen Fuel True Independent Energy and Convenience Becky Schwartz Fujitsu Frontech North American Ha Le Geauga County Weights and Measures Rob Stanton GPC Systems Ltd. Huw Morgan Honeywell Intl, Inc. Paul Poloniewicz Interstate PowerSystems Thomas Elliott Intnet Inc. Sheldon Au J&B Meter and Pump Inc. Bradley Klarich JF Petro Group Travis Andrews Leon Valley Inc- Top Hand Justin Kimmel Liqua-Tech Corporation Marta Sligh Mettler Toledo, LLC Craig Draper Miami County Weights and Measures Eric Jimenez Micro Technologies Karla Whitmore

Sensi Tools Kyle Lindley SGS Raphael Hudson Shelby County Auditor Randy Ahlers Sound Payments Raymond Prothero Southern Pump and Tank Company Chandler Pigg Spatco Energy Solutions Larry Duke Douglas Gardner Jeb Shepherd SRSI Chris York Subeca Inc. Bruce Paynter Town of Abington William Mullen TSOC LLC Darwin Millard Tyson Foods, Inc. Jose Vergara U-Haul Dwight Farr US Restaurant Group Inc. Henry Zhang

Ravas USA, Inc. Shawa Rodriguez

Riverside County Ag. Commissioner’s Office Delia Cioc Misael Martinez Sacramento County Weights and Measures Breanne Matsurra

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2021 Issue 3

NTEP Column Review and Update an NTEP Certificate of Conformance Mike Manheim, NTEP Specialist

$350.00 (USD) for NCWM members, $525.00 (USD) for non-members. Therefore, please take advantage of this opportunity! How to request editorial changes Once the renewal invoice is received ... Request Editiorial Change ONLINE Note: This is the preferred option. 1. Carefully review the contact information on page 1 of each “active” CC listed on the invoice. 2. Locate your invoice number and reference code listed on your invoice. 3. At www.ncwm.com, select the “Pay Maintenance Fees Now” button. (Note: this button only appears during the renewal period.) Be sure to log into your NCWM member profile to get discounted rates! 4. Follow the instructions on the screen. 5. All contact information except the company name can be updated during this process. If you wish to update the company name, you must submit a Sale of Company Application with applicable fees online at www.ncwm.com/ntep-applications. 6. Please allow up to two weeks for your NTEP CC information to be updated. Request Editiorial Change by MAIL Note: NCWM is not responsible for late/misdirected mail. 1. Carefully review the contact information on page 1 of each “active” CC listed on the invoice. 2. Print page 1, CLEARLY mark the requested changes on the document. 3. Deadline to send all changes is December 31 . 4. All contact information except the company name can be updated during this process. If you wish to update the company name, you must submit a Sale of Company Application with applicable fees online at www.ncwm.com/ntep-applications. For any questions about updating contact information, please contact NCWM at info@ncwm.com. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the content of this article, please contact Mike Manheim at mike.manheim@ncwm.com.

Submitted By: ABC, Inc.

123 Oak Street Yourtown, USA Tel: 555-555-1234 Email: ABCinc@mail.com

Above is an example of the “Submitted By” box found on each NTEP Certificate of Conformance (CC). Whenever a Certificate holder changes addresses, phone numbers, company name, billing contact etc., it is essential to update your information on your NTEP CC. Without reliable means of contacting you, it may affect the status of your NTEP Certificate of Conformance (CC). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or certificate holder to update NCWM and NTEP of any changes. Updated contact information is important NTEP Maintenance Fees: Payment of this fee is required each year to maintain the active status of each NTEP CC during the period January 1 - December 31. Invoices are sent every October. Failure to pay this invoice will result in the NTEP CC(s) becoming inactive on January 1 the following year. Technial Issues: Many Weights and Measures Inspectors use NTEP CC’s as the primary source for contacting the manufacturer or certificate holder. The inspector may have questions concering various issues. How to update your CC contact information Contact information is listed in the “Submitted By” box on page 1 of each NTEP CC. This may be amended except for the company name. This opportunity is free of charge during the NTEP Maintenance Fee Renewal Period between October 1 and December 31. The regular fees for this type of amendment are

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2021 Issue 3

Professional Certification Exams Take exams online for FREE with NCWM membership!

Available Exams: •

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Package Checking Basic

Precision Scales • Price Verification •

Large Capacity Scales

• LPG & Anhydrous Ammonia Liquid Meters • Vehicle-Tank Meters • Medium Capacity Weighing Systems

Retail Motor Fuel Dispensing Systems • Small Capacity Weighing Systems Class III


Jeff Suntup & Certification Number: 11-112 I was issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office patent number US 10,875,760. The title of my invention is “METHOD FOR DELIVERING HEATING OIL TO CUSTOMERS OF FUEL OIL DEALERS”. Another, first patent was issued to me by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That is patent number US 10,626,857. The title of this invention is “APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING SMALL QUANTITIES OF HEATING OIL”. The patented device is commercially known as the PUTNUS®. I have another patent pending that enables forever opportunities for the oil delivery industry. I am 66 years old. I grew up in the oil business and a lifelong resident of New London, Connecticut who built up and sold off both Bernie’s Fuel Oil Co. Inc. and Anytime Fuel Oil LLC. The PUTNUS allows drivers without a special license to sell and deliver small quantities of heating oil, kerosene or diesel with a profitable pathway to a recession-proof business making “oil barons” of regular working people with a pickup truck. The customer’s stamped receipted meter ticket enhances the accuracy of all State and Federal applicable tax audits with the elimination of the illegal use of transfer pumps, 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon cans for the delivery of small taxable quantities of diesel, kerosene, or heating oil. I am readily available to assist in bringing the PUTNUS® system to market with a licensing or leasing agreement, a broker

option or a partner who recognizes the potential. I can be reached at 860-443-0414 or putnus@aol.com

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2021 Issue 3


Coming Up!


2022 NCWM Interim Meeting January 9 - 12 | Tampa, Florida

The Interim Meeting is the time of our year where proposals are brought forth for discussion. At this meeting, stakeholders will discuss important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When open hearings are finished, committees will deliberate and report the status of each item. Our committees will have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee agendas will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-15

Manufacturer readily available engineering support

MEETING LOCATION The Westin Tampa Waterside 725 S. Harbour Island Blvd Tampa, FL 33602

1 st STOP for Direct OEM & Scale Service Solutions

Group Rate: Prevailing 2022 Government Per Diem Reservation Discount Deadline: Decemer 16 th , 2021

EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Mr. Ivan Hankins from the State of Iowa. The reception will be Sunday, January 9 th , at 5:30 p.m. Dress is business casual .

Anyload LLC. Building 6 Unit# 30R 1275 Bloomfield Avenue Fairfield, NJ 07004 US A

Register Online today at www.ncwm.com/events-detail/2022-interim-FL

Anyload Weigh & Measure Inc. 6855 A ntrim Ave nu e, Burnaby , BC V5 J 4 M5 Canada

DECEMBER 16 Deadline to secure discounted rates!

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2021 Issue 3


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2021 Issue 3


Looking Forward...

2021 September

107 th NCWM Annual Meeting July 10 - 14, 2022 | Tacoma, Washington

The Annual Meeting is the high point of our year where all the hard work pays off. At this meeting, stakeholders will debate important proposals to amend the United States standards for weights and measures. When the debating is done, the votes will be cast. Our committees have their work cut out for them with some very full and diverse agendas. Committee reports will be available at: www.ncwm.com/publication-16 MEETING LOCATION Hotel Murano 1320 Broadway Plaza Tacoma, WA 98402 Group Rate: $126, P revailing Government Per Diem (2022) Reservation Discount Deadline: June 17 th , 2022 Click here to make your online reservation! EVENTS The Chairman’s Reception will honor Mr. Ivan Hankins from the State of Iowa. The reception will be Sunday, July 18 th , at 5:30 p.m. Attire is business casual. The Special Event, we will be a virtual reception at the on Thursday, July 10 th from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Attire is casual. Register Online today at www.ncwm.com/events-detail/2022-annual-WA JUNE 17 Deadline to secure discounted rates!

NTEP Measuring Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 21 - 22 WWMA Annual Meeting Golden, Colorado Sept. 26 - 30 October NEWMA Interim Meeting ONLINE (tentative) October 5 - 7 SWMA Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana October 10 - 13 CWMA Interim Meeting Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin October 18 - 21 2022 January 2022 NCWM Interim Meeting

Tampa, Florida January 9 - 12 May

CWMA Annual Meeting Bismarck, North Dakota May 23 - 26 NEWMA Annual Meeting Saratoga Springs, New York TBD

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2021 Issue 3

Safety Column Cannabis Facility Safety John Bell, Missouri Department of Agriculture

regardless of their use, present an explosion or fire hazard. Always use administrative controls for the proper use, handling and storage of these types of hazards. Occupational injuries such as sharp objects and hot/cold surfaces can lead to cuts, burns and/or infections. Routine inspection and labeling will help in reducing these injuries. Walking and working surfaces should be labeled to help facility staff and inspectors be mindful of the hazards of the workplace that involve slips, trips and falls. Keeping a clean, tidy work environment can help reduce the occurrence of these types of events. Electrical hazards include burns, shock and electrocution. Routine inspection of wiring, proper labeling and PPE that is rated for electrical use, along with administrative procedures when dealing with electrical issues, can help to avoid electrical related injuries. Inspectors and employees should always be mindful of forklifts and other machinery inside any facility. Situational awareness is key to avoiding accidents, along with seatbelts and PPE, such as high-visibility vest and hard hats. Confined spaces, although rare, may be encountered and with it the possibility of entrapment, asphyxiation and/or engulfment. Inspection staff should avoid these types of areas when possible, and confined spaces must be properly labeled with caution or warning signs. Anytime an inspector enters an establishment, that person should become familiar with the layout of the building. Find out where to go in the event of a fire, natural disaster or extreme weather. Federal law requires businesses to post such areas. Finally, workplace violence, unfortunately, can occur anywhere at any time. Some good protocols for establishments to have in place are security cameras, security personnel, lockdown equipment and “appointment only” scheduling for visitors. Keep in mind that these are not all the hazards you will encounter during inspections. Always use proper PPE and do not be afraid to ask questions before proceeding in a situation where you may not feel comfortable. For more information regarding exposure levels and controls, be sure to look at OSHA standards, EPA regulations or standards, National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and any federal or state codes or regulations in your area.

Medical marijuana assists individuals with a variety of medical issues and, depending on your location nationally, is being sold recreationally. With legalized cannabis sales increasing and a new industry emerging, it is important to examine the safety aspects that can impact certified inspectors. There are three types of hazards we need to be aware of during the inspection process – biological, chemical and physical. Along with identifying these hazards, this article will also point out some possible health effects, the proper PPE to utilize and potential controls to minimize or eliminate exposure to these hazards. Although this article is directed at the safety of the weights and measures regulatory inspections, the cannabis industry can also benefit from awareness of these hazards. Biological hazards include the possibility of dermal or respiratory allergens. Some of the effects of exposure include skin irritation or an itchy, congested or runny nose that may cause sneezing, coughing or wheezing. With a variety of exposure levels, the best form of protection is long sleeves and nitrile gloves to cover any exposed skin and an N95, at minimum, respirator or mask. Engineering controls, such as ventilation, can help reduce the severity and amount of exposure. Routinely performing good housekeeping within the facility is also a good practice. Chemical hazards include, but are not limited to, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. All of these materials can cause minor, severe, acute or chronic reactions depending on the amount ingested and how the material is introduced into the body (by either inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact). Sound operating procedures at the facility regarding application of these products is the best protection from chemical hazard. Proper personal protective equipment such as close-toed shoes, long sleeves, nitrile gloves and eye protection are also important. Again, engineering controls, such as ventilation, can help, particularly with indoor grow operations. It is also good practice to avoid inspections during the application of these materials, if possible. There can be a variety of physical hazards when completing an inspection. Compressed gases,

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2021 Issue 3


One Tool: # 1 Inspection Software WinWam Software There is only one Software product that addresses all of your Weights & Measures Inspection needs. That tool is WinWam Software. WinWam Software is a collection of four powerful modules, which can be purchased separately or together. All of the Weights & Measure modules have been built to perform inspections in accordance with NIST regulations. One Tool and # 1 Inspection Software. WinWam is the most widely used Weights & Measures inspection software on the market. Currently, thirty-one (31) states have purchased WinWam, along with numerous county and city governments.

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2021 Issue 3


Package Checking WinWam Package Checking Software is designed for W&M officials and quality assurance professionals to perform standard and random inspections in accordance with NIST Handbook 133. WinWam Package Checking Software guides you through the inspection process. Error, MAV, Cost Error are calculated for each test. Color displays allow easy identification of Pass Fail or Gray Areas. Some of the features include:

Device Inspection WinWam Device Inspection Software is designed to perform and record Handbook 44 inspections WinWam Device Inspection Software supports all devices specified in Handbook 44 including but not limited to: scales, (apothecary, computing, livestock, shipping, vehicles, etc.) meters, LP Gas, LMD, linear devices, timing devices, etc. Whether acceptance or maintenance WinWam calculates tolerances for nearly all tests.

WinWam Device Inspection Software provides a comprehensive

▪ Category A & B Sampling Plans ▪ Automatically Calculates MAV’s Normal USDA Standard, USDA Fluid, Bark Mulch, Polyethylene Sheeting ▪ Allow variations due to moisture loss ▪ Calculates SEL and Standard Deviation ▪ Dynamically calculates Rc/Rt for tare ▪ Calculates conversion factors for volume inspections ▪ Calculates Cost Error, Average Error, Average Cost Error % Error

database of business establishments with a complete inventory of devices. Full detail inspection data allows management the ability to better measure economic impact of the W&M program.

Price Verification WinWam Price Verification Software is designed in accordance with NIST Handbook 130. The Software runs standalone or with a handheld scanner. Software calculates error, lot cost error, net dollar error and calculates Over / Under Ratio. Accommodates Intentional Under-charge and Not On File.

Hypertext Handbooks Hypertext Handbooks are a collection of on-line reference manuals in which the user can view government regulations, search on a particular topic and print any part of the handbook with the touch of a button.

2021 Hypertext Handbooks available now!

Nover Engelstein & Associates, Inc. Developers and sole source providers of WinWam Software 3000 Atrium Way, Suite 2203 Mount Laurel NJ 08054 phone: (856) 273-6988 web-site: www.winwam.com e-mail: sales@winwam.com

NCWM-News 11

2021 Issue 3

Professional Certifcation Exam FAQs What is the goal of the NCWMProfessional Certification Program? Professional certifications are offered in many industries as a means of demonstrating competence in a field of expertise. Certification may be a means of qualifying an individual for employment or higher pay grade within a profession. This program provides confidence that an individual has a strong understanding of U.S weights and measures standards as adopted by NCWM and published in Handbooks, 44, 130, and 133. Competence is evaluated through a written exam created by a group of subject matter experts in that respective field. Thus far the program is limited to basic levels of competence marked by cognitive levels of knowledge, understanding and application. Professional certification is available to members and non-members in both the private sector and in government positions. What is NOT implied by Professional Certification? The certification applies only to the person certified and states only that they have demonstrated achievement of the learning objectives described in the Body of Knowledge for the specific Certification. Certification does not apply to the organization employing the certificate holder or to others in the organization. How do I prepare to take an NCWM Professional Certification Examination? 1. Take appropriate training courses directed at that area covered by the Certification. 2. Learn about the form and content of NCWM Certification examinations. You can find this information on the NCWM website. From here, you can click on the hyperlinks for each specific exam of interest to open a window with the announcement for the exam. The announcement will describe the exam in detail and provide links to examine the learning objectives in the modules covered by the exam. 3. Review the learning objectives in the Body of Knowledge for the exam. The hyperlinks for these are on the Exam Announcement. You may download the exam modules to use as reference material. 4. Gather the appropriate references so they can be accessed quickly while taking the exam. The Certification exams are open-bookand there will be questions that require you to refer to or cite sections of the Handbooks. The exam announcement specifically identifies the Handbooks potentially referenced in the exam.

How do I register to take a Certification Examination? You can find this information on the NCWM website. If you are an NCWM member, you must login on the website prior to selecting the exam to receive the member pricing. To find this information, look across the top of the main page for Professional Certification tab among the main headings. Under Training & Exams, you will the links to the basic and professional exams. On the appropriate exam page, click Purchase Exam. On the following page, fill in the information at the bottom and click Add to Cart. To ensure members get the member pricing, be sure that the price reflects the member discount. After payment is arranged, the request to take the exam will be submitted to NCWM. You will receive the link to the exam and your credentials in the form of username and password that enable you to take the exam. How do I take the exam? The exam is taken online using the NCWM website. Using the hyperlink provided by NCWM, go to the exam page and login using your credentials for that exam. You should set aside the appropriate time when you can take the exam without being interrupted. Answers are mostly multiple choice where you click in the selection circle next to you selected answer. There are some short answer questions. You will be provided with a text box to enter your answer to these questions. The exam is electronically scored so correct spelling and punctuation are critical. Please double check your answer before going to the next question. Each part has a prescribed time limit, and the remaining time is displayed. You must complete a part of the exam before moving to the next part. You may go back to questions in the part you are working on if there is time. Once you leave a section or when you reach the time limit, you will be moved to the next section and you may not return to the previous part(s). At the end of the final part, you will be moved to the final grading section where you will be given your grade and a pass-fail rating on each part. If I fail, can I retake the examination? Yes. If you fail your initial attempt, your initial login credentials allow for one retest. The questions on each exam are randomly selected so the exam will appear to be different each time you take it. If you fail after two attempts you may purchase the exam again, but you will not be able to take the test for 30 days following the last failed attempt.

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2021 Issue 3

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Employment Opportunities NCWM is proud to serve the weights and measures community, both private and public sectors, by listing employment opportunities. Any organization that maintains memberships with NCWM may request positions be posted online for public viewing at: www.ncwm.com/employment-opportunities If you wish to post employment opportunity information, please send inquiries to: info@ncwm.com

Anyload LLC Coti Global Sensors Putnus WinWam Software

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