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Whether you’re hanging out at home or camping with the family, card games are a great way to relax. A single deck is versatile and easy to pack, so if you have one on hand, try these two games that go beyond the classics like War and Go Fish. 1. SLAPJACK (2+ Players, No Jokers) : The goal of this War-style game is to win all of the cards. To start, deal all of the cards face down, then have everyone form their cards into a pile without looking at them. Each player then flips a card face up into the center. Continue doing this until one of the cards played is a jack. When that happens, the first person to slap the jack wins it and the cards beneath! They add them to their deck, and play continues until one player has all of the cards. To keep things interesting, if you accidentally slap a card that isn’t a jack, you have to give up one of your cards to the player with that pile, and if you run out of cards, you can reenter the game by slapping the very next jack. 2. SPAR (2–4 Players, No Ace of Spades or Cards Below 6) : This easy game is played with just 35 cards, and the object is to win the last round (aka trick). To start, deal five cards to each player. Then, have the person to the left of the dealer lay one of their cards face up. Each person in the circle then plays a card in the same suit if they can or another suit if they can’t. Whoever has the highest card in the original suit wins the trick and starts the next one! The winner of the fifth trick wins the game. If you want to keep score, award three points if the winning card is a six, two points if it’s a seven, and one point if it’s an eight or higher. Then play again! We found these games on, but you can learn about them and dozens of others by checking out “The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games” by Oliver Ho from your local library.


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Realtor Tara Reichert

“Allen has made what was the toughest time in my life very bearable. He was professional but also sympathetic to what I was going through. He treated me like a person and not just a paycheck. He was knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks.” –Lance M. “I wanted to share about my experience with ADLG and just say that they are hands-down the best! I definitely would recommend them to anyone needing a divorce or divorce advice. My attorney, Stephanie Weil, walked me through each and every step of the process and made the divorce ‘easy,’ to say the least. Thank you to the entire ADLG team; you guys are the best!” –Michael O.

Are you looking for a fresh start? One of the best ways to refresh your life after divorce is with a new home. Maybe your current house reminds you of the past, or you left your old home to your ex- partner. Either way, now is the perfect time to look for the place of your dreams to complement your Happily Ever After. When you start your house hunt, we’d highly recommend working with Tara Reichert, a second- generation Realtor with HergGroup at Keller Williams North Atlanta. Tara can guide you through the entire buying process and ensure you find an

affordable, beautiful home that’s a good fit for you and your family. As her bio puts it, “Tara’s true passion for the business comes from being a matchmaker for her clients and helping them turn their dream house into a home.” Tara is licensed to serve Fulton, Gwinnett, Forsyth, Cobb, Cherokee, Dekalb, Dawson, and Hall counties, and her help is just a phone call, text, or email away. Reach out to her today by calling or texting 678-835-8405 or emailing

3 678-203-9893

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