Cerebrum Winter 2020




10 The Creative Brain Brain imaging and behavioral experiments can now examine how creative thinking works in different contexts and domains. By Roger Beaty, Ph.D.

POINTS OF INTEREST NOTABLE FACTS IN THIS ISSUE 4 Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is testing a new policy in this country and abroad to hide visible likes on its platform. The Social Media Conundrum, Page 8 4 A phenomenon known as fixation or impasse—taking a break to let our minds wander— may loosen things up and help us find a creative solution. The Creative Brain, Page 10 4 Hundreds of studies have shown that individuals from lower SES backgrounds have higher blood pressure and greater arterial plaque buildup, and ultimately suffer heart attack and stroke at higher rates, than those of higher status. Brain, Bodies, and Social Hierarchies, Page 14 4 “[Social media use] doesn’t affect all teens the same, and overall, is neither good nor bad for the mental health of teens.” Social Media & Teens: No Simple Answers, Page 18 4 Researchers are using organoids, or so-called “mini- brains,” three-dimensional, self-organizing tissue cultures derived from human iPSCs, to study how brain cells come together as the brain grows. Building a Better Brain Model, Page 21

14 Brains, Bodies, and Social Hierarchies Does our perception of our social standing impact life expectancy and heart health? Are there interventions available to develop emotion regulation strategies? How does low income impact the way the brain functions? By Keely Muscatell, Ph.D. 18 Social Media & Teens: No Simple Answers Our author explores the question on every parent’s mind: Is social media

rotting kids’ brains? By Brenda Patoine 21 Building a Better Brain Model

Advances in technology have led to the development of organoids and chimeric models to study the activity of human neurons—and how they communicate with one another. By Kayt Sukel

SECTIONS 5 Advances Notable brain science findings 6 Briefly Noted By the Numbers; In Memoriam 7 Bookshelf A few brain science books that have recently caught our eye. 8 Neuroethics: The Social Media Conundrum By Philip M. Boffey

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