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Making IC engaging from a leadership standpoint means taking the time to use the right medium for your message. The last thing you want is to have team members sitting through a meeting thinking, “Couldn’t this have just been an email?” Recognizing what you want to communicate and why are important steps in deciding the best way to deliver information. Saving in-person meetings for big collaborative projects and important announcements will add more weight to those moments while allowing communications of lesser magnitude to be handled quickly and efficiently over email and instant messaging.


Remote work is becoming more and more common — and it’s a good thing. Research conducted by IBM suggests that remote workers are, on average, more engaged and effective than those who come to the office from 9 to 5. With group messaging apps and cloud- based software, you can keep

Maintaining the flow of ideas and information between team members is as necessary to a business as the nervous system is to the human body. Internal communication (IC) is what determines how flexible and responsive your company is to day-to-day challenges. In today’s fast-paced, decentralized marketplace, leveraging the right tools and strategies to make IC engaging, effective, and fun has never been more important. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT As of the first of this month, Kevin Reagin has been a part of the Pye- Barker team for a year. As our inside compressed air specialist, Kevin has a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. While he may be one of our newer team members, Keven has brought with him almost three decades’ worth of industry experience and a history of service inside and outside of the office.


“Honestly, I got into the industry because I needed a job,” Kevin reflects with a laugh, “I was 22 years old, and it was becoming clear I had to hang up being a musician.” Straightforward and good-humored, Kevin has no problem telling it like it is. Between his cut-to-the-chase attitude and wealth of experience, he’s the right person to talk to any time you need a part or service fast. As Kevin puts it, “I handle things with urgency, and I love working with people.” Kevin’s love of working with people extends beyond his role here at Pye-Barker. While he claims to have hung up his music career, he still plays the drums at his church and has even performed at services as far away as Nicaragua and Honduras. On top of these performances, he also does plenty of mission work, including taking time out of his day to provide prayer services to prisoners. “And I like to fish, when I have the time,” he adds.

Kevin explained, “It’s a company with a lot of potential and room to grow.” Thanks to the hard work of team members like Kevin, that statement rings true. If you have a breakdown and need to get operations back up and running fast, ask to talk to Kevin. He’s got the experience to find you what you need, with upfront, honest answers. And of course, he’s no stranger to lending a helping hand.

When asked what brought him to Pye-Barker, Kevin’s answers were as clear and straightforward as ever. “Pye-Barker has a solid foundation,”


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