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Retired Owner, Viking Athletic Goods

Why do you support MVC? When Mary Lou and I moved to Marshall in 1960 to begin our college education at MVC, we were newly married and looking forward to creating a life together at Valley Forge (old Navy barracks), the married quarters of Missouri Valley College. I had no concept of eventually being a member of Valley’s Board of Trustees and a contributor to its financial well-being. I was on a football scholarship, following in the footsteps of my brother, Larry, who would also graduate from Valley. This college became a family affair with not only Mary Lou and I graduating from Valley, but also our son, Guy. We were also imbued with the Viking spirit, a feeling of loyalty and allegiance to Valley. It wasn’t until I went into the athletic business in Marshall and named the business Viking Athletic that I really saw how valuable the town-college connection was. Missouri Valley College was an integral part of the community. Even though I had been supportive of Valley in many ways, I hadn’t supported it in a significant financial way and now was able to do so.

" We were also imbued with the Viking spirit, a feeling of loyalty and allegiance to Valley. "

Serving on the Board of Trustees has given me insight on what is necessary for the college to thrive and how much money, vision, and support is necessary. When the college started changing the physical look of the campus, the town became quite interested and involved. The

enhancement of the grounds and addition of new buildings, as well as challenging academic programs, have made Missouri Valley College the jewel of the Marshall area. I am so proud to have contributed to this growth in our college and will continue to do so.

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