Viking Views Summer 2021 (FB)

Author's Note

As of this writing, I’ve been working at Missouri Valley College as a marketing and communication specialist since mid-March of 2021. Within my first week I heard about an employee who was set to retire after 50 years of service to MVC. I had the pleasure of meeting this employee at her retirement reception. I did not know her, nor did she know me but I could immediately see she made an indelible impact on this college. A video with warm wishes and loving messages played to thank this individual for not only her service, but what she meant to the people at MVC. I tiptoed over to her table to take photos of her reaction. Her eyes welled with tears. After receiving a proclamation by the Mayor of Marshall, the soon-to-be retiree took to the podium to read her poem for Valley, “Thanks for the Memories.” Now tears filled the room. I watch in awe, taking in what it means to be a Viking, to bleed purple and orange. Valley will roll. I was fortunate enough to sit down with this individual on June 16, 2021 and interview her to be featured in the Viking Views you are reading now. This is the story of Mrs. Sandy Machholz.

-Britt Williams

Sandy Machholz’s 50 Years of Service (1971-2021)

he year was 1970, Rich and Sandy Machholz moved to the town of Marshall, Mo. They rented a house owned by Missouri Valley College, R.W. Brown A-Frame on Lacy Street. During their first year in Marshall, Rich worked from home as a sales associate for an insurance company and Sandy enjoyed playing bridge as well as being in a bowling league. Little did Sandy know in May of 1971, she would be embarking on a 50 year journey at Missouri Valley College. “We had a friend that ran the bookstore here and he heard we moved to town,” Machholz recalled. “He called my husband one day and he said ‘Do you think Sandy would be interested in working, I just lost an employee, it’s May...I really need somebody part-time or full-time, whichever she wants to do' and Rich assured, ‘Yes, she’ll work for you’,” Sandy said with a smile. Just like that, Machholz started as a clerk in the MVC Bookstore and would later be promoted to store manager in 1972, which she served for 32 years. For 13 of those 32 years, Machholz was also the Director of the

Business Office where she supervised five employees. “It was a fun time, we had great times,” Machholz recalled, “I remember when I turned 50, I came into the office and there was this gray dummy sitting at my desk. They threw a big birthday party for my just made my heart happy.” After her time as the bookstore manager and business office director, Machholz spent two years as the mailroom clerk and her last 16 years as the transcript clerk and registrar assistant. Through her various roles and responsibilities, Machholz got a front row seat to Valley’s transformation over the past 50 years. “When I came, the campus was 40 acres and we have 150 acres now,” said Machholz. “Stewart Chapel burnt down. Also, Kimbel Hall burnt down. We used to play basketball in the fine arts building. I’ve been part of the Young Hall rejuvenation. I was involved in the Blosser Home and getting that started. There’s been so much change...just great, it has grown.” 21

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