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Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018



Mother’s & Father’s Day

For many consumers, family is everything. That’s why we’ve dedicated this month’s trend outlook to the latest and greatest topics that we expect to see rise in popularity this Mother’s and Father’s Day. Move beyond the basic weekend brunch or afternoon cookout with the help of our talented network of content creators. After all, Mom and Dad deserve nothing but the best for all of the hard work that they do year round. The following planning guide is complete with category trend data from Ahalogy Muse ™ . Your brand can use these insights to drive content creation, discover examples of high-quality branded influencer content, and explore thought starters for your own campaign planning.

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4 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

Mama might know best in all other areas of life, but even she can’t deny that we’ve got the top Mother’s Day trends for 2018. Consum- ers love to celebrate the female role models in their lives by using their favorite brands in new and unexpected ways. Keep reading to learn more about the top emerging topics that we predict will help your content to stand out this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day

6 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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Muse Trend Data:

Mother’s Day






Mother’s Day begins to trend in mid-March, reaching its highest peak on May 10. Con- sumers begin planning for this family-focused holiday months in advance. Have your content ready to go in early spring to ensure that you reach a wide audience of shoppers.








Mother’s Day-related topics begin trending as early as March with a peak on the actual holiday.

8 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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Looking for a little data-driven inspiration to upgrade your upcoming Mother’s Day campaign? We’ve got you covered thanks to these top emerging topics. Whether it’s a modern twist on a family-fa- vorite recipe, a homemade gift idea, or the ultimate entertaining trend to upgrade your weekend brunch plans, the following trends represent the latest and greatest ideas for this Mother’s Day. Top Content Ideas

10 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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FOOD & DRINK: Bite-Sized Brunch

Everything is better when it’s bite sized! We’re taking your favorite breakfast recipes and making them mini for a modern twist on a staple Mother’s Day trend. Look to classic morning dishes like french toast, casseroles, and quiche for inspiration.

Bite-Sized Brunch recipes trend multiple times throughout the year. However, the topic experiences the highest engagement around the Mother’s Day holiday in May.

FOOD & DRINK: Mimosa

What’s Mother’s Day brunch without a little champagne? Move beyond the classic mimosa cocktail and celebrate the bubbly side of life. Pomegranate, peach, and pineapple are all popular flavor combinations associated with this topic.

The topic Mimosa is most popular during the holiday season in Q4, but also experi- ences a small spike in engagement in May.

12 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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DIY & CRAFTS: Quilling

The best gifts come from the art. When it comes to showing Mom how much they care, shoppers love to engage with unique, hand-crafted content. Add a fancy twist to the standard Mother’s Day card with quilling—an art form that uses rolled strips of paper to create eye-catching designs that consum- ers will want to save as a treasured keepsake.

Quilling craft ideas and tutorials are most popular during the spring months with a peak in popularity in March.

If anyone deserves a little R&R, it’s Mom. Some of the top homemade gifts for Mother’s Day include lotion bars, sugar scrubs, and foot soaks in a variety of fragrances—perfect for an at-home spa experience. DIY & CRAFTS: At-Home Spa

At-Home Spa content trends throughout the year with peaks in January, March, and October.


Mimosa bars, waffle stations, and bagel buffets that allow guests to build their own dishes and drinks consistently drive high volumes of engagement. Help shoppers turn their Mother’s Day brunch into a celebration of all the influential women in their lives with this par- ty-worthy entertaining trend.

The topic Breakfast Bar is by far most popular in Q1—continuing to trend through the spring only to drop in popularity in June.

ENTERTAINING: Printable Place Card

When it comes to Mother’s Day, consumers aren’t afraid to get a little mushy. That’s why we think printable place cards will be such a standout trend! Try decorating your brunch table with heartwarming quotes about motherhood to add a personal touch to every entertaining event.

Printable Place Cards peaks twice per year—once in May for Mother’s Day and again in Q4 for the holidays.


Ahalogy is unique in that every one of our influ- encer campaigns are driven by data. Below are standout Mother’s Day Brandables examples that were created by our Ahalogy Partners—a network made up of 5,500 talented influencers, photogra- phers, and top-notch content creators. Brandables Examples

18 | Spring Trend Outlook

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Consumers are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to add a personal touch to their Mother’s Day celebration. That’s why we teamed up with Hallmark Gold Crown and Kelly in the City to create this data-driven Mother’s Day campaign. By seamlessly incorporating Hallmark products into a thoughtful lifestyle post, content helped drive brand awareness.


In Collaboration with: Kelly in the City

20 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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Greeting cards are an integral part of Moth- er’s Day in the hearts and minds of shoppers everywhere. As part of their annual Mother’s Day campaign, Hallmark Gold Crown part- nered with Francois Et Moi to capitalize on this seasonal trend and inspired readers to personalize their Mother’s Day cards. Easy DIY ideas helped shoppers find inspiration to use the brand’s products in a new way.


In Collaboration with: Francois et Moi

22 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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What do you get when you combine healthy living with a tried-and-true brunch recipe? This standout Mother’s Day campaign from Foolproof Living, of course! Created in part- nership with American Greetings and Target, this influencer content helped shoppers find an authentic, thoughtful way to incorpo- rate greeting cards into their celebration of mothers near and far.

In Collaboration with: Foolproof Living American Greetings CELEBRATING MOTHER’S DAY

24 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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There’s no better way to celebrate the handy- man/grill master/mechanic in your life than with the top Father’s Day trends for 2018. Connect your brand to this key usage occasion in an entirely new way by …combining content from our talented Ahalogy partners with data- driven insights. Below are the top emerging topics that we predict will help your content to rise above the rest this Father’s Day. Father’s Day

26 | Holiday Trend Outlook

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Muse Trend Data:

Father’s Day






Father’s Day content starts rising in popularity on April 9 and reaches its peak on June 13. Shoppers will want to take advantage of the warmer weather for this holiday event. Aim for a mid-spring publish date to ensure that your content reaches viewers as they begin to plan for this family event.








Father’s Day-related topics begin trending as early as April with a peak on the actual holiday.

28 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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When it comes to Father’s Day, we know that Dad deserves nothing but the best. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top emerging trends across the Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, and Entertain- ing categories. Keep exploring to see how you can upgrade your upcoming Father’s Day campaign with this creative content inspiration. Top Content Ideas

30 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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FOOD & DRINK: Bourbon

Thought bourbon was just for drinking? Think again! Get the party started with this top emerg- ing trend for Father’s Day. From desserts to grilling recipes, infusing your favorite dishes with bourbon is a great way to add flavor and fun to every celebration.

Bourbon is most popular during the holiday season in Q4. The topic experiences a small secondary peak in late June.

FOOD & DRINK: Breakfast Tots

Classic breakfast flavors meet every- one’s favorite vegetable in this new Father’s Day trend. Breakfast tots are a surefire way to take any meal to the next level. Top golden brown tater tots with top related ingredi- ents like fried eggs, bacon, cream cheese, and sausage.

The topic Breakfast Tots experiences the most traffic in the spring—when people are most likely to be planning their Father’s Day menus.

32 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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Add a little more flavor to your Father’s Day celebration with a DIY spice rub. Perfect for the resident grill master, this thoughtful gift idea is a great way to connect with consumers who are looking for an easy way to show Dad how much they care.

DIY Spice Rub content peaks in early June—right before the Father’s Day holiday.

DIY & CRAFTS: Punny Printable

Get your best dad jokes ready! We predict that punny printables will be a major trend this Father’s Day. Pair a funny card or gift tag with your Father’s Day present to give shoppers a fun new way to celebrate this year. These puns are so bad, they’re good!

Punny Printables may historically peak in Q4 for the holidays, but we predict the topic will continue to grow in momentum for Father’s Day this year.

ENTERTAINING: Manly Charcuterie Boards

This Father’s Day we’re adding a new appetizer idea into the mix with these manly charcuterie boards. Candied bacon, mini bour- bon bottles, and cured meats are just a few of the delicious options available. This entertaining trend looks impressive and is easy to put together—making it a surefire win with shoppers everywhere.

As you can see, this fun topic experiences a small peak in engagement in June for Father’s Day.


We mustache you to save this top entertaining trend for your next Father’s Day party. Mustache decor is a fun addition to any celebra- tion—we’re thinking table settings, balloons, personalized mustache cups, and more. Shoppers will love engaging with this goofy dad- themed trend.

This emerging topic is most popular in June for Father’s Day decor and entertaining.


See the difference that category trend data can make when it comes to influencer content. Below are just a few examples of quality Father’s Day Brandables campaigns that were created by our Ahalogy Partners—a network made up of 5,500 tal- ented influencers, photographers, and top-notch content creators. Brandables Examples

38 | Spring Trend Outlook

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It’s always five o’clock somewhere when you’re chowing down on these delicious Beer Pancakes from Live Eat Learn! Created in partnership with American Greetings, this influencer campaign helped increase brand awareness during a key purchasing occasion by adding a unique spin on a historically popular trend.

In Collaboration with: Live Eat Learn American Greetings FLUFFY BEER PANCAKES

40 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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Nothing says Father’s Day like a classic summertime grilling recipe. We teamed up with The Coca-Cola Company, Sam’s Club, and Frog Prince Paperie to create this easy summer entertaining post. Not only did the campaign inspire shoppers everywhere, it also drove brand awareness thanks to its seamless product integration.


In Collaboration with: Frog Prince Paparie

42 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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We partnered with American Greetings and Lively Table to create this Father’s Day campaign that put their content a step above the rest. A homemade spice rub recipe, easy entertaining inspiration, and customizable gift basket ideas all came together to add a personal touch to shoppers’ Father’s Day celebrations—all complete with increased brand recognition!


In Collaboration with: Lively Table

44 | Mother’s & Father’s Day 2018

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POWERED BY MUSE Data-Driven Influencer Content Ahalogy Muse™ is an industry-first software platform to help leading marketers identify and act on changing trends in their category. Powered by a network of 5,500+ premium content creators across the web, the tool is powered by influencer performance data. These same insights are leveraged in our Brandables solution as a guide for creative production. Content creators have the biggest influence on trend development. They’re the first to make a recipe using a new ingredient or the first to try a new fitness craze. We gather influencers’ performance data—across their original content and across billions of their social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more—to measure the success of these trends so market- ers can act fast.

WHO WE ARE... & What We’re All About

Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform™. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to reach new audiences and find new usage occasions based on their target consumers’ interests. We deliver proven ROI through our category trend data, premium influencer content, and verified audience targeting. Ahalogy is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the global capital of brand marketing.

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46 | Holiday Trend Outlook




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