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trained to ship lithium batteries compliantly. “There are rigorous checks before a flight and if these are not satisfied then batteries can be sent back to the shipper,” she continued. “The worst-case scenario would be a fire breaking out; if a non-compliant shipment does somehow reach its destination country, there would be fines and the batteries could be detained or destroyed.” Unusual challenge Another challenge stems from the highly unusual nature of the scaled-down, replica vehicles that YSDS transports. Briggs explained: “These cars cannot be driven on roads, so they do not need all the usual car permits – but Customs officials will occasionally stop them because they do not understand that.” This happened more frequently when YSDS first started shipping the vehicles, but over time it has occurred less and less. YSDS completes as much work as possible in-house, but it does also rely on trusted partners and haulage companies with specialist vehicles and car transporters. It vets all agents and contractors before engaging them and has a dedicated quality assurance team. “We can offer a range of solutions based on the end customer, its budget and its specific requirements. We have shipped vehicles in large car transporters fitting six cars on the truck, down to vans with ramps when the client prefers an ‘economy’ service,” Briggs added. No matter the price point, daily communication is vital in order to ensure all parties are fully informed of any updates or movements, Briggs noted. YSDS adopted the same messaging system that its client uses to conduct its business. For this reason, YSDS has appointed two dedicated account managers to support this exciting client and its global shipments. “Keeping a great relationship with the client is our main priority and something we pride ourselves on,” she said. Newage is a Global Freight Forwarding SaaS company, focusing on automation in supply chain management, logistics,and freight forwarding industries. Newage has more than 350 customers across 30+ countries, handling more than $500 million annually in shipments. Our flagship software, eFreight Suite, works as a one-stop global freight forwarding software for forwarders.

A high-performance vehicle being loaded into a transporter, similar to the type of operation carried out by YSDS Geared up to meet niche requirements

YSDS focuses on key types of cargo and takes a consultative, collaborative approach to working with clients. As a result, it can provide tailor-made logistics solutions and, for this, it won the 2021 BIFA Specialist Services Award

“We are a modern, fast-paced forwarder with a new perspective. We see ourselves as specialist brokers rather than general forwarders,” said Hannah Briggs of YSDS’ operations and compliance team. “At YSDS our mission is to move the world’s most valued goods to any location with exceptional service and care. We specialise in three main industries: life science, art and specialty logistics. The type of goods we ship ranges all the way from, for example, cancer treatment drugs to high-value fine art and electric-powered cars. The red thread is that all our shipments require special handling and expertise for successful transportation.”

Hannah Briggs: our mission is to move the world’s most valued goods to any location with exceptional service and care

Customs requirements and ad hoc routing options for replicas of luxury cars.

A significant challenge in shipping these vehicles relates to the 48V lithium batteries that power them. Briggs said: “Most carriers do not want to take lithium batteries, so forwarders need to use special routings and have special licences (DG licences), as well as training in packing and labelling dangerous goods. Our global YSDS team is

Car industry It was the car industry that featured in the company’s BIFA Award submission. YSDS has worked closely with its client throughout the past two years, providing a full

service and shipping reduced-scale luxury vehicles to prestigious clients worldwide. The service included documentation, licences,


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