Mediation Advantage Services - March 2020

MAR 2020

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R ecently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the owners of an amazing doggy day care company here in Westborough called All About the Pup. The owners are passionate animal lovers, and with the intention to provide the best for people’s pets, they’ve built up a very caring and compassionate business over the last five years. Their business offers day care services, boarding, grooming, and training, and it is a fun, interactive place for pups to play while their owners are at work or out of town. It’s been amazing to hear about their journey and the dedication they’ve put into creating a loving and authentic business. Their work has also reminded me of what an important part of the family a pet can be. I’ve been in many mediation sessions where a pet plays a pivotal role. The couple is trying to figure out the best way for both parties to be a part of their pet’s life, even if they aren’t a central part of each other’s lives. My daughter’s dog, Turbo, is a rescue, and along with my daughter, three great-nephews, and me, Turbo has become an integral part of our family. These days, when I come home from work, I can barely open the door due to the excited crowd waiting eagerly for me on the other side. Everyone wants a little pat or a hug, and everyone is vying for my attention. With a little pup and my three nephews, my quiet, independent life has evolved into one of loving chaos. And I wouldn’t change it for a second. LOVING CHAOS FINDING FAMILY IN UNEXPECTED PLACES

“These days, when I come home fromwork, I can barely open the door due to the excited crowd waiting eagerly for me on the other side.”

I feel so blessed to get to work with the people I do and to help them put their families first. Whether it’s new beginnings while moving on after a divorce or new beginnings as partners are growing their family through adoption, I love helping people on this journey. As I help people start fresh or make a plan for their loved ones, I get to know more than just their case — I get to know them. I get to hear people’s stories, and they constantly inspire and motivate me. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.

Overwhelmingly, what I feel this month is gratitude, both for these changes in my own life and for the changes I get to help others with.

To an inspiring and loving month,

As I think about the role I play in others’ lives, all I can think is what beautiful humans I get to work with! What an incredible journey we all are on! You are amazing and wonderful, and I’m honored to be a small part of your life.

–Polly Tatum

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