Imagine Going There Travel - June 2023

Meet Krista!

Krista joined our team this February as our Client Care Manager and has been busy learning the ropes ever since. She sits side by side with Carol many days, helping research and answer client questions, talking to Lifestyle Directors to set up our Lunch and Learns, and generally helping her keep up with our amazing clients. Krista dreamed of being an international traveler ever since she was a kid growing up in rural Indiana and her parents took an extended trip (without her!) to Germany to meet distant relatives. While her original goal as a 10-year-old was to become a CIA spy or at least a diplomat, she instead took the more practical route of studying Japanese and earning an International MBA from the University of South Carolina. After graduation, she started her career in consulting, living and working in London and Prague. She then moved to Tokyo after marrying her best friend, Ray, from her MBA program and continued to work as a consultant for many years before stepping out to raise three kids. In total, she has spent about 15 years living in Japan off and on as a college exchange student, a middle school English teacher, a consultant in a large consulting firm, and finally, a stay-at- home mom to their three kids. She has traveled extensively in both Asia and Europe. (While she loves Europe, she

admits her favorite country to visit is Thailand.)

In her spare time, Krista loves to read and hang out with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

When they get to be too much, she loves to hide away and work on her temari . (Temari is a traditional Japanese folk art that involves stitching geometric designs into a thread-wrapped ball.)

When asked what she likes best about her job, Krista says, “After having stepped out of the work force for several years to raise our three children in Tokyo, I love being back in the working world and connecting my love of international travel and culture with business.” We love having Krista on our team, and we know you’ll enjoy getting to know her as well!

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beautiful city, but it also helped them adjust to the time change and get to know other Viking guests who would be joining them for the next week. The extension was in a gorgeous hotel with a luxurious breakfast buffet. Upon arriving in Basel and going through customs, a Viking crew member was there waiting for them — and there were even Viking representatives at the hotel to help guide them and plan their adventures. “All of the guides and crew members were so nice and helpful,” Darlene and Wayne told us. “The best part was that before our trip, Viking sent us tons of literature and information in advance to help build our excitement and offer some insight on the different stops before it was time to set sail.”

“Our favorite part about the trip was the way that the Imagine Going There team made us feel like we were VIPs,” they said. “While we were dining with other travelers and sharing our experiences and itineraries for the next day, we realized just how privy we were to certain pointers and tips that we were told that others didn’t know about.” They said that this trip was definitely one for the memory book, and one of the best parts was that when you’re cruising on the river in Europe, calories don’t count and the food was delicious! Happy 30th anniversary, Darlene and Wayne, and thanks for being such an integral part of our team and sharing your magical experience with us!

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