Biola Broadcaster - 1954-11

broadcast tape recorded from county fair grounds

Crowd beginning to gather before broadcast of the Bible Institute Hour at the Los Angeles County Fair

As guests of the historic Union Rescue Mission, 226 South Main Street in Los Angeles, the radio staff of the Bible Insti– tute of Los Angeles presented a special rally and program at the recent 1954 Los Angeles County Fair. Heard on the broadcast were Mr. Hugh Murchison, President of the Board of Directors of the Mission which was formed in 1891, and the Rev. Clinton Goodwin, House Manager and Evangelist for the Organization which yearly ministers not only to hundreds and thousands of homeless men and boys, but nearly one million servicemen as well. Since the program was recorded outside the booth, many hundreds of people gathered around to hear the wonderful words of eternal life and melodies of Salvation. Tracts and other Gospel literature were distributed in this unique service of the Bible Institute Hour to many who had never before attended church. 1955 biola calendar coming soon For the past many months, very careful planninl! and a large volume of prayer has been expended on the 1955 Bible Institute Calendar which we have desired to be the finest ever produced. We believe very definitely that God has heard and answered our prayers with the resultant publication which will be in your homes shortly. It is our sincere wish that the calen– dar may not only be a means of blessing for those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, but also the many others who will be receiving it who have never placed their faith and trust in our wonderful Redeemer. If you have been receiving the BIOLA BROADCASTER in your home regularly each month, you will automatically be sent our new calendar very shortly. Then, if you desire extra copies to give to your friends and loved ones, you may write for them as long as the supply lasts. We will not tell you what this year's calendar will be like, but will leave the surprise for you when you open your mail– box in the next few days. We will greatly appreciate receiving your reaction to it and, of course, your prayers that it may be a means of great testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ through the months ahead.

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